Trying to Evade Homework Already!

Averie came home with another homework assignment last week.  She brought home a little beanie kitty that she named “KiKi”.

Just like last time, her assignment was to draw a picture of something she did with her kitty.

Averie has a tendency to bring toys with her to daycare.  I try to make sure she doesn’t take anything important with her, but apparently I messed that one up — she went to daycare with KiKi.  And KiKi never came home.

Only I didn’t know that KiKi went to daycare.

So I’ve spent the last week looking for KiKi.  I’ve torn apart the living room, the toy room, the car and her bedroom.  KiKi was nowhere to be found.

I was a little panicked.  I mean, she’s only in preschool, this is only her second homework assignment, and somehow we’ve managed to lose a freakin’ beanie baby?  Her first “F” already?  (Ok, I know I’m exaggerating – but still!).  I was just about to have Averie draw a picture of her messy room and a question mark on her paper to illustrate the fact that KiKi was lost when she finally told me:

“KiKi’s at Jamie’s house Momma!”

Seriously?  I’ve been tearing apart the house for the last week and NOW you tell me!?

So I text Jamie, and sure enough, KiKi was found.

Heck, in my moment of anxiety I even forgot this was her second assignment!

So with all that behind us, we were finally able to move on to doing her assignment.  I still was tempted to have her draw a messy room and the lost KiKi.

But we settled on just drawing a picture of her playing with KiKi at daycare.  So this is Averie playing with KiKi with “The Other Nana” (Jamie’s Mom) at daycare.

I’m amazed at how differently she draws people now from before.  She can spell her name out loud now, and she can write the letters with help, so I’m guessing it won’t be long before I’m no longer coaching her to write her name at the top of her papers anymore!

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