Averie’s New “Trick”

I wouldn’t really call this a “trick”, but Averie did learn something new today — she’s learned how to spell her own name.

When we got home I stopped the car and took a quick video:

Yesterday at preschool the kids learned about firefighters.  I sort of knew this, given that there was a firefighter coloring page in her backpack, but I didn’t really think about it.

The bar in town, Long Shots, burnt down today.  We drove by it on our way home (to be fair, I think almost all of Van Horne is on our way home).  There was no longer a building standing and must of the rubble was spread out into the street.

I was only in there a total of maybe three times, but I’m still sad to see any establishment leave this little town!  It’s unfortunate.

I don’t think Averie quite knew what to think.  Not realizing she had just learned about fire safety in school, I asked her what she should do if the house was on fire.  Her “Drop and Roll” response took me back for a second since it wasn’t something I had ever taught her — we had talked about going outside and crossing the street if the house itself was on fire, and that’s what I was expecting her to say.

I’m glad to know that it sunk in, and that she obviously is learning things in school too!

And seriously — how cute is she when she spells her own name anyway?!

2 comments for “Averie’s New “Trick”

  1. Aunt Chelle
    4 October, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    Very cool . . .on both accounts! I am glad you told her to look for traffic first!

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