Time for some girly pampering!

Averie and I spent Friday night at a hotel with a friend and her kids.  The girls had an absolute blast in Iowa City at the Children’s Museum and swimming in the pool.  Bedtime cracked me up – Averie was the most adult out of all of us!  The other girls were talking, us two mom’s were giggling, and Averie was pulling a pillow over her head and telling us to be quiet because it was bed time.  To be fair though, I couldn’t help but giggle at her – It was pretty hilarious!

Saturday morning we parted ways and I took Averie with me over to Coralridge Mall.  We had lunch, did a little shopping, and then decided we would get pedicures.  When she wasn’t giggling because her feet were ticklish, Averie was carrying on a conversation with the woman next to her about everyday life.  I swear, it felt like a flash forward into my future.  I sure hope she keeps her outgoing attitude and friendliness throughout life!

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