It’s been a while…

It’s been a very, very long time since i’ve posted an update…  Averie was just starting solid foods when I last posted in October, and now that’ it’s April, she’s nearly 11 months and eats the same food as we eat!

She’s currently mastering walking, and she has a couple of words in her vocabulary – “uh oh” whenever she drops something and “hi” — she takes anything that resembles a cell phone, puts it up to her ear and says ‘hi’.  We’re in sooo much trouble later!

Rather than ramble like crazy I thought I’d just let the story go in pictures, so  here’s the picture filled insanity:

pumpkin – Pumpkinfest!
Photobucket  – Halloween Costume
Photobucket  – Playing in the fall Leaves
Photobucket – Playing with her Cousins
Photobucket  – Halloween Candy & Haircut!
Photobucket  – Playing with Carter
Photobucket – Pumpkin Pie
Photobucket  – First Thanksgiving
Photobucket  – Santa with Carter
Photobucket  – Back of our Holiday Cards
Photobucket  – Front of our Holiday Cards
Photobucket  – Spaghetti!
Photobucket  – Christmas Eve with Daddy
Photobucket  – Christmas Morning
Photobucket  – 8 Month Pics
Photobucket – Cuddle time

Photobucket – 9 Month Pics

Photobucket – Waving to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day
Photobucket  – Giving Mommy Kisses

Photobucket – St Pattys Day Baby
Photobucket  – First time swinging
Photobucket – Easter Pictures
Photobucket – Easter Pictures
Photobucket – Easter Bunny with Carter

It’s definitely been a crazy last few months, but they’ve been great!

Hope everyone is doing well, I’m going to *try* to make a bit more of a comeback around here, but no promises — someone likes to get grumpy whenever Mom or Dad is on the computer and she can’t see the screen and press the buttons 🙂

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