Dr and Patient Averie

I never used to get sick.  I might have mentioned this before, but ever since having Averie, it’s become inevitable that I will contract whatever illness it is that is floating around…  I think it might have had more to do with exhaustion this year  though.  Too many 3 AM nights of decorating cookies and not getting enough sleep.

I picked up Averie from Daycare, reheated some dinner for her and fell down on the couch and told Averie I just needed to rest.  After she ate her dinner she went into her toy room and returned with her “Stetherscope” and checked my heart and used drumstick to check my “tempature”.  After she concluded I was sick she brought my her favorite blankie, tucked me in and told me to take a nap.

I didn’t really take a nap – but I did just lay there.  She told me she was going to make me some dinner and not to look.  It’s *HARD* to hear a 3 year old getting in and out of the fridge without panicking, but somehow I made it through – she came out of the kitchen, biggest smile ever on her face…

I made you a sammich!

I couldn’t get the bread so you have to just pretend its there okay?


Unfortunately, sickness really did kick in for both her and I a few days later…

On the upside — she did use the bowl correctly this time though!  I think it might have been last year that this happened, but I’m not 100%…  I had given her a bowl and told her to “use it if your tummy starts to hurt”.  I turned around and the next thing I knew she was laying on the floor with her tummy in the bowl.  When I asked what she was doing:

My tummy hurts, so I put it in the bowl like you said Mama! It works!

I have to admit — I kind of wish I had a bowl big enough for my tummy just so I could try it too….

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