Kids WILL Make You Sick!

Why is it that in ALL the worlds of advice people give you when you’re pregnant…  of all the things your mom’s and friend’s give you for advice…  NOBODY mentions how having a kid results in having lots of extra sicknesses in the house?!

Averie goes to a babysitter – it’s just her and one other girl (that is about a year younger than Averie at 2 years old).  It’s not like she goes to a daycare and picks up germs from all over the place… I just don’t get it!   She’s only been sick a few times, for the most part it’s just been the sniffles and a really light case of bronchitis.  She didn’t even catch a cold until she was 5 months old, despite the fact that she was born during a time when EVERYONE around us had colds…

But now…  now that it’s cold season again, Aaron and I have been sick as dogs.  Normally we aren’t sick at all…  So far Averie’s escaped it, I think her immune system is just stronger than ours, likely because she eats her fruits and veggies while her dad and I eat reeces pieces…  not entirely sure, but what I do know is that I’m sick of being sick.

Thankfully I’m about done with it, on Monday I went in and got a shot of steriods, did a nebulizer treatment, had bloodwork done, and walked out with 4 prescriptions – more steroids, antibiotics, codeine cough syrup and an inhaler.  My voice is back and I’m down to just trying to “cough up” what’s left from the chest infection…

But last night Aaron started to feel icky, at first he thought it was his tooth…  but today he called me shortly after noon to find out when I’d be done with work because he was done and just not feeling well at all.  So he’s now thrown up tonight and is decidedly taking tomorrow off of work.

Which isn’t a big deal – he’s entitled to days off, but our sitter normally can’t take Averie until 730 AM and I need to be in the office by 645…  Thankfully we were able to call her tonight and she’ll make an exception – PHEW!  But… now that means I have to get myself up by 5 AM and out the door by 6.  I have a hard enough time getting up and out the door by 630!  Plus I have to drive myself, and I’m still protesting having to drive a van….  GRR!

Okay, vent over – I’ll live… but seriously, I don’t know how much more of this house of sickness I can take!

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