A Cookie Family at NewBo City Market

This all started in January — when I got an email on Friday, January 4th from NewBo City Market confirming my market space for Sunday, January 6th.

I immediately went into a panic.  I did NOT sign up for that…  …or did I?  A quick check on their market signup site answered that one quickly.  Umm.  Oops.  I did.  I had intended to sign up for the weekend before Valentines day.  But somehow in my haste of checking prices and availability, I managed to sign up for the first Sunday in January as well.

I wasn’t going to back out, so I panicked instead.  I called Las.  I called Emily.  I called my mom.  And then I quickly had an ‘aha’ moment and remembered that my neighbor ran an event planning business, so I made plans to touch base with her for some serious help.

I’m a planner.  I don’t do things at the last minute.  Anyone that’s seen Averie’s birthday parties (here and here) knows this!  Everything needs to color coordinate and look nice — nevermind the number of cookies I still needed to make, and the fact that icing takes up to 24 hours to dry, I didn’t even have a table to put them on!

So my neighbor rescued me, and I will be eternally grateful that I didn’t have to think about table coverings and plates and stands…  And while she packed up some things for me to use on the tables, I spent 48 hours in a sea of cookies coupled with panic.  I didn’t have labels, I didn’t have a sign saying who we were or how much they were, I didn’t even know what to charge!

In the end, everything worked out okay…  but geeze I was stressed!

A Cookie Family at NewBo City Market

So that was the first market.  Then there were some orders.  Then we did a SECOND market, you know, the one I had already planned to do…  *shaking head*.

I was much more organized the second time around.  Averie had helped me make a banner, and I had all of the little things done that I knew I needed.  I had ordered the tablecloths, I had bought runners and coordinating ribbons, I had plates of my own, I had labels and a heat sealer…  All of my ‘OCD’ planning was (mostly) covered, and I was much less stressed out.  Well, until we pretty much sold out right away on Saturday, but… I’m not complaining there 🙂

A Cookie Family at NewBo City Market

I’m going to imagine that our next time around will be the smoothest yet.   We are still discussing when that will be yet, but I’m kind of missing it – and I’m ready to go back soon!!  I didn’t do all that planning to only set it up once you know!! 🙂

Note: More information about our cookies is available at www.acookiefamily.com

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  1. LeeAnn
    11 March, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    I am going to add I called LeeAnn panicking. I had a fun Sunday morning with Averie!

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