Polka Dot First Birthday Party

I have mixed emotions on this one – the planning and creative fun behind the party is over, which does make me a bit sad.  But the main thing that makes me sad is that all throughout the party she was this happy little girl, toddling all over the place – she’s no longer a little baby, shes independent, sociable and so grown up already!

We celebrated twice — once on her actual birthday at home – her gift from Aaron and I was a chair that she can climb in and play on – she loves to be on furniture and even more loves being able to get on it herself, the chair was too cute and she loves it!  She had a cupcake too and made a mess of it of course!

Today we had her big party – I believe we had ~30 people total there, it was a great time though – we had BBQ chicken sandwiches and everyone brought sides for the party.  TONS of food – and I ate enough for 3 people!  She got tons of toys, and had a lot of fun.  I went a little crazy on the decorations, but honestly – it looked fantastic, and I don’t regret even one second of the decoration making!!  I do regret the late night cram last night – between that and flight delays for Colin none of us got much sleep at all – Colin and Aaron managed about 45 minutes each…

Sarah (photographer) came to the party today to take pictures — in retrospect I’m SO glad I had her come — I was able to relax and enjoy things without having to worry about snapping pictures constantly.  It’ll be nice to actually be IN the pictures for a change too!  It is weird to come home from such a big event without a bunch of pictures though.  Can’t wait till she gets them all done!!

That said, I did take some pictures from her actual birthday and of the decorations – I’ll post those now, but better get off of here after that!  Nana took averie for the night – and I want to try to find our house so I can actually just relax the rest of the time we’re at home — which includes catching up on my friends page… it’s been a while!

Opening Presents in her new chair!

Another view – the buckets all have crayons in them for coloring on the paper on the tables

Gift, Display, Cake, Favor and Drink Tables

Display table


Lots and Lots and LOTS of circles!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to Las for all her help cutting them out and helping me keep my sanity!

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