What Mommy Does Without Averie Pt1

Averie is at Nana’s house for the weekend. Last weekend at the pumpkin patch Nana offered to take her for a few days. I have a bunch of cookies to get done this weekend, so I jumped for it!

I took a poll on Facebook to see what I should do with my “free” time… Drink, sleep, scrapbook and have sex rounded out the list. Nobody ever said my friends (or family) were shy!

I’m sorry to inform you all that I didn’t do any of those tonight. At least not yet. (I plan on sleeping shortly, for those of you with dirty minds!).

Tonight I thought I’d just sit. I sat on the couch and watched the first half of Alice on Netflix. That was decently relaxing, even if it hurt my brain…  I often forget how twisted of a story Alice in Wonderland really is.  And this is definitely a different take on a twisted story…  I enjoyed it though!  Hopefully I’ll enjoy the second half too…

After that Aaron went to bed and I went for a bath. I made it extra hot for soaking. Yes I know that’s probably part of why I have dry skin, and no…. I don’t plan on changing my preference for a soak in a steaming hot tub any day soon.

I busted out my soap and sponge that I got in Florida.  The soap was ok – I did like the oatmeal being in the bar.  But the sponge?  I never knew a sponge could be so……  spongey.  It hold so much water, and it’s so soft…  I don’t think I’ll go back to the ‘imitation’ sponges or netted loofas for a while!

Anyway, my plans to relax in the tub were quickly interrupted. How do you get interrupted when your child is away and your other half is sleeping?

Why… By THIS of course:

Evil Furry Feline

I knew I shouldn’t have tortured her by giving her baths as a kitten… Now she feels the need to try to join me… Or at least drink my water…

Oh, apparently you’re too good for the fresh water in your bowl?!

This cat is WEIRD about water.  It may be in part due to the aforementioned baths… but seriously.  She absolutely HAS to spill her water all over the place to drink it.  We used to have one of those upright auto-waterers.  She would splash out ALL of the water from it.  The floor would be soaked.  We tried little bowls.  She’d spill that.  Finally we tried a fountain.  She still splashes, but not quite as much.

She’s even weird about that…  you have to take the top off of the fountain too (and off of the food bowl as well).

Anyway…  long story short… someone interrupted my attempt at relaxing.

Good thing she’s cute…

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