Upgrade Day – Hello 8 Quart Kitchenaid!

Up until today the trusty little Artisan that Aaron’s mom got him for Christmas has been handling all of our cookies.  She’s worked HARD through many holidays, many batches of dough and many batches of icing.  But she was starting to struggle.

Today, our new mixer arrived.  We toyed with changing brands, we toyed with the idea of the 7 quart, but we were able to get a really awesome price on the 8 quart thanks to some friends!

So here they both are!  We’ll be keeping the old girl in the basement as the backup mixer.  Here’s to hoping we won’t need her anyday soon!  I’m looking forward to quadruple batches of dough and double batches of icing!!  Hooray!

Kitchenaid Commercial 8 Quart Mixer and Artisan

Kitchenaid Commercial 8 Quart Mixer and Artisan

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