Tulip Cookies + Bridal Shower!

These were cookies that were made for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower and then repeated again and made for my friends that are mothers for mothers day and then repeated again for another friend for a mothers day party she was involved with — all within a matter of a couple of weeks!

Super easy, the base is all one color and the outline on the top is just a darker shade of the base.

So, lets talk Bridal Shower — since it was my amazing sister-in-laws shower!

Here they are, on display – next to the multiple different cake flavors!

The shower itself was a great party – I’d loaned out a couple of decorations for the party but didn’t do any of the actual set up or planning, and Kylee and her family did a great job putting everything together…

Also, Kylee’s grandma makes the best punch ever…  I believe it was raspberry lemonade punch!

The favors were adorable too!

Averie won the vote for the best toilet paper dress – complete with a veil and a bouquet!  I think her cuteness might have weighed in somewhere too…  unfortunately she was too confused as to what was going on and why we were wrapping her up with toilet paper to smile for the camera…..

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