Trick or Treat 2012 • Meow!!

This year for Halloween, Averie was INSISTENT that she wanted to be a white cat – and not just any white cat – she wanted to be “just like her Figaro”.  “Figaro” is Averie’s stuffed white kitty.

Do you know how hard it is to find a WHITE cat costume?!  I settled on the idea of a tutu and ear headbands, and then I randomly stumbled across Mystic Tutu in Monticello and the rest was history!  She was able to make Averie a tutu with a removable tail (!!!) and a pair of kitty ear headbands.  Perfect.  I love supporting local people!  Here she is trying it on before Halloween:

I think I might have mentioned before that my mom is a Halloween nut.  Since it’s “her” holiday, we’ve made it a point to make the trek down to her house for trick-or-treat.

We brought along our pumpkins that we carved at home too of course!  Here’s Averie with her pumpkin:

And here’s the rest of the pumpkins at my mom’s house.  The pirate was mine, and snoopy was Aaron’s – the rest were already at my mom’s!

Averie was ready to hit the streets and do some trick or treating — she took Nana with her and we made it up and down the street.  Then she wanted to go home and get Grandad to take him for a few blocks too!

She did a great job saying “Thank you, Happy Halloween” to everyone, and even asked a few people if she could have candy for her Mom and Nana.  We didn’t put her up to it – so I thought that was really sweet!

I love my mom’s neighborhood around Halloween time – LOTS of people have their lights on, and everyone gives out the good stuff – lots of chocolate candy bars for Mommy Averie.  My mom gives out goody bags with candy and toys/trinkets.  I did mention that she loves Halloween right?!  If you look in the picture below you can see some of those goody bags…  she made 220 of them this year.  The number of trick-or-treaters was slow though, she ‘only’ had 160.  Anyway, my mom has decorations inside and out…  I only snapped pictures of a few of them, but I think it’s probably enough to get the drift!

Averie had to get her picture taken with all of the different inflatables outside.  I’m always amused at the number of families that stop at my mom’s to use her stuff as backdrop for photos for their kids Halloween pictures.

She talked to me for a little over 30 minutes after leaving my mom’s house on the drive home — I think she was still a little hopped up on candy/sugar!   After that though – she passed out, and she passed out hard.  I had to carry her from the car inside and she barely even grumbled at me during the move!

Hope everyone else had a fantastic Halloween too!!!

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  1. 3 November, 2012 at 9:03 pm

    Love the costume—very cute!
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