Treasure Hunt!

Tonight Aaron had to try to get the van fixed when he got home from work, so it was a Mommy/Averie night.  I haven’t yet heard how successful the van fixing was, but I’m sure I’ll find out shortly…

In preschool this week, Averie is learning about Noah.  We came home tonight and after she helped me prep the dough for some sugar cookies (look for an update later this week), we read over her preschool paper about Noah and the ark.  Her preschool paper noted that rainbows were gifts from God.  Averie proceeded to tell me how she was there when Noah built the ark, and that she was the rainbow because she was a gift from God.  How do you argue with that??!!

We had some dinner and then she watched  Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella.  I always forget how entertaining Veggie Tales can be even for the adults.  This one was of based off of the Indiana Jones Movie, and it was pretty hilarious.  Some of the jokes and spoofs got a few giggles out of me anyway.

When that was over, she was a ball of energy, so we needed a project.  It needed to be quick, easy and most of all – NOT MESSY!  I have enough of a mess to clean up without adding more to the pile, and I’m only one person tonight – so it wasn’t an option to make a huge mess and then have Daddy to clean up.  (Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that… …or would I?)

We went from the ark to a pirate ship…  and I was the pirate.  “Pirate Mommy” hid her treasure (coins) and taped them to her board and covered them with a piece of paper.  Then “Averie the Treasure Hunter” had to use her treasure hunting tools (crayons) to find the treasure on the map (a piece of paper covering the coins).  We did go outside and get a leaf or two to put on the map too, had to make it a little more difficult to find the treasures!

I think we went through about 5 rounds of this before I had to get her moving towards bed.

She enjoyed herself, and she took her little people pirate ship with her to bed for quiet playtime.  No more than 10 minutes later she was passed out.  Perfect end to the night tonight!!


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  1. Aunt Chelle
    11 September, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    She is so right she is a gift from G-d!

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