I always hear people mention how amazing it must be to see a world through a kids’ eyes.  They are amazed by the simplest of things…  like the fact that I can draw a fish and a star…  (good thing Aaron’s around with his more impressive art skills as she gets older and the stars are no longer as ‘awesome’)!

More than that though – kids truly appreciate things.  Sometimes we forget about the little things in life.  We forget to be thankful and appreciative and often take things for granted.

I’m no exception.

We were running late to get out the door the other day.  Averie was putzing along and I was doing my typical list of mommy rants and raves about how we are going to be late and that she really needs to get a move on.  We opened the door and the garbage truck was coming down the street.


“Yep, it is – get in the car, we have to go” probably wasn’t the most understanding statement I’ve made in my 3 years of parenthood, but truth be told – I’m sure it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve said either.

I’ve never seen one before.  Where are they taking all of our garbage?  Hey!  He’s strong! He just picked it up and threw it in!  

By this point the amazement and excitement in her voice and the look on her face clued me in that I really should probably take a second to stop and “smell the roses”.  (I should probably pick a different phrase since we’re talking about stinky garbage here, but I can’t come up with one…).

Averie watching the garbage truck going around the block… with her coat on backwards (I wasn’t even going to bother arguing I was in such a hurry at the time!)

I explained that they take all of the garbage to the dump – which is a place that  garbage goes so it can be piled up and turned back into ‘dirt’, and that the garbage men drive the garbage truck to everyone’s house to get their garbage to take it for them.  Probably not the most technically accurate explanation I’ve ever given – but it was enough for a three-year old anyway!


Her response kind of floored me – it was so genuine, she was so glad someone was going to take her garbage to the dump…  I don’t think I’ve ever stopped for a second to think about how wonderful it is that someone drives to my front door to pick up our garbage, that we don’t have to take it to the dump, and that it doesn’t just sit in our streets…

“You’re right, it is!”  was my response.

And when the garbage men pulled up to our house next, she popped her head out from next to the car and waved frantically and yelled:

HI!!  Thank you for taking our garbage to the dirt pile!!

I so love her, and her ability to open up my eyes to the world around me too!

4 comments for “That’s WONDERFUL!!

  1. LeeAnn
    4 December, 2012 at 11:56 am

    I do love the things Averie says and her observations.

  2. Aunt Mikki
    6 December, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Loved this story, and you are right. We don’t take time to “stop and smell the roses”, and appreciate the little things we often take for granted as something we deserve to have. I think you should send a copy of this blog to the garbage co. that picks up your trash. I know they would enjoy this story. Love ya!!

  3. 7 December, 2012 at 3:24 am

    This is such an adorable and well-written story!! What an intelligent little girl you have there!!

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  4. 10 December, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Ahhhh Averie is a real sweetie. I love how kids discover the world is such an innocent way. I love garbage day… feels good to get those dirty diapers out of the house.
    Mandy @ MoneyMasterMom recently posted..Are your Finances an Amazing Race?My Profile

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