Thankful for Cookies

It’s that time of year again!  Thanksgiving always serves as my ‘slow’ transition into the heavy workload of the holiday season.  This year we’re doing a market for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it’s not exactly a ‘slow’ transition.  Just check out our freezer!

Just a little bit of dough...

Just a little bit of dough…

The more impressive part of all that dough?  I made it myself!  Usually Aaron makes all the cookie dough, but I was feeling ambitious and helpful!  That picture was taken before I was done too – there were a couple batches of mint-chip dough that were made as well!

This year I struggled a little with what to offer for thanksgiving cookies.  We still did the standard turkey and leaves sets that we’ve done prior, but I wanted to do something different.  In my random brainstorming process I started to write down the sort of things that I was thankful for.  

I wish I had taken a picture of everything I scribbled on the paper – it included the basics like family, health, friends, career, etc.

And then I wrote down ‘cookies’ in the only space that was left, near the top of the paper.  When I looked back down, I could have sworn that the phrase I had actually written on the page was “What are you thankful for cookies”

That kicked off a lightbulb in my head that result in these simple and pretty cookies:

What Are You Thankful For Cookie Set

What Are You Thankful For Cookie Set


Blank white leaf cookies, with a pretty plaque in the center that read “I am Thankful for”.  I included a pen for writing, packaged them up neatly in my BRP box shop boxes and tah dah!

I seriously think these are my favorite cookies to date.   I just wish I could see what EVERYONE writes on theirs!

In other news – here’s a sampling of what was packed up to go to the market.  I definitely am thankful for cookies this year, among many, many other things!

Cookies for Thanksgiving NewBo Market

Cookies for Thanksgiving NewBo Market

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