Rainbow Birthday Party • Averie’s 3!!

Averie loves rainbows, and she loves painting – so we put the two together and had a Rainbow Artist Birthday Party for her third birthday.


We used Groundswell in Cedar Rapids again this year for her birthday.  It’s such a neat space, and is MADE for kids to be creative, so it was a great fit.


Invitations were postcards from vistaprint – as usual!  We used a photo from her birthday photo shoot with Patrick Frost.  We used the painting she made during the photo shoot as a backdrop for the invitation text.


No birthday is complete without a great outfit for the birthday girl!  Tutu, Flower in her Hair and Shirt are all from Bella Joys Boutique.  Photo Credit to Moment in Time Photography.

Of course it was a little chillier on the day of, so her outfit at the party was a little bit different!

Table Decor

Tables were done in ‘rainbow’ plastic table cloths and white butcher paper was run down the center of the table with crayons on them for doodling entertainment.  Some of the crayons were the multi-colored rainbow ones.  Centerpieces were bright colored baskets filled with multi-colored rainbow popcorn with balloons on sticks attached to them.  We also had balloons all over the floor.  They were supposed to be in an arch over the treats table, but we sort of ran out of time (and patience?)

Lunch Food

Everything else was complicated enough that we kept it simple and had hot dogs and sloppy joes with chips.

We did throw in a rainbow fruit tray though…


You must have rainbow drinks at a rainbow party!

We looked around forever for the Hug Barrel drinks…  I had almost given up when Aaron called to let me know he found them.  We bought more than we needed, but I was okay with that – we used them all summer!!

No party is complete without personalized water bottle labels…

And for the more grown up tastes we had sparkling juices and some soda as well.


Aside from the rainbow popcorn at the tables, we had to make sure there were other rainbow treats for the kids (big and small)!

We had covered oreos in all colors of the rainbow (big thanks to Auntie Las in TX for making and shipping them!), dipped pretzels and rainbow twizzlers (thank you Easter clearance!).  We also had the wax bottles of colored juice and candy dots.


Tillie’s Secret Sweets made us the amazing rainbow cake that’s all over the internet, and she did a fantastic job!  The outside was white, with a rainbow colored top.

And the inside was full of rainbowy goodness!

She also made us cupcakes galore — I made rainbow paper liners to disguise what was inside and the frosting on top was white with rainbow circle sprinkles on it.

And the insides of those?  Well, of course they were full of rainbowy goodness too!


Color A Cookie

I made up some pretty basic rectangular cookies and let the kids attack them with food coloring markers.  It was a pretty big hit!  I think most of them liked it as much (if not more) than the actual painting!

Here’s Averie showing off her cookie!

Fruit Loop Necklaces

This is one of Averie’s favorite craft projects — everytime we have Fruit Loops for breakfast she asks to make a necklace from them!


Everyone thought I was crazy…   the FIRST thing you saw when you walked into the party were two tables that looked like this:

But the kids loved it!

Even some of the bigger kids…

And they really didn’t make too much of a mess…  it could have been MUCH worse.  We have some great friends and family with amazingly well behaved kids!

Gift Bags

Aside from taking home their paintings and the aprons, and whatever cookies and fruit loops might have been left, we had goodie bags with miscellaneous trinkets, toys and art projects in them.

And that’s a wrap.  Averie had a blast, she’s still talking about her rainbow party 4 months later!

Oh – and here’s how I judge if a party was good or not:

I’d definitely call that a success 🙂

There were a lot of pictures up above, but if you want to see the rest, they’re all in this gallery here!

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  1. 20 September, 2012 at 11:00 am

    This post makes me sad that I wasn’t there 🙁 But I like that I got a shout out! Excellent party, as always!!

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