Quick Princess Lunch!

We’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks.  Averie has been very patient with us as we managed multiple shopping trips, cookie orders, cooking and cleaning.  So we finally got the chance to have a ‘stay home day’ and I thought I would do something special for her for lunch.  I told her to stay in the living room and surprised her with her very own ‘princess’ lunch!

This took less than 45 minutes.  Here’s the rundown:

  • Covered the table in leftover wrapping paper
  • Fetched as many princess related toys as I could without her seeing
  • Covered her chair with her fuzzy blanket, tied it on with a cloth diaper and attached one of her hair flowers to it
  • Used a purple Norwex window cloth for a placemat (I couldn’t find ANY of ours!!)
  • Dipped the rim of her cup in syrup and then into pink nonpareils and filled with milk and topped with a paper straw
  • Made peanut butter and jelly and used a crown cookie cutter.
  • Sliced strawberries and arranged them to look like a necklace with a lemon cookie underneath the bottom one that was cut to look like a heart.
  • Put a drop of pink food coloring into cool whip for strawberry dip and added some pink nonpareils on top.
  • Added a couple of butterfly shaped pretzel crisps.
  • Added a ‘glowing’ candle and a glass of sparkling apple cider at the last minute, so it’s not in all of the pictures!

She was a happy girl, which in turn made me a very happy mom!

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