Pumpkin Patch 2013

This year we didn’t make it to the pumpkin festival, but we did still make it to Pumpkin Patch Pizazz!

Like every other year we kicked off in the corn bin.  Kids seem to love playing in it.  I even let Averie bury me in the corn before I buried her.  She loved climbing off the slide and then jumping into the corn from the top!  The only downside of playing in the bin — the number of times I have to say “Don’t worry about the corn in your underwear until we’re done!!”

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Corn Bin


I swear there were more activities this year than last year, but it’s possible that we were just overwhelmed with the new location last year and didn’t notice a few of them.

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Activities

Averie’ loved the hamster wheel, this is the first year she’s been able to get it going with other kids close to her age.  She wasn’t quite tall enough to make it through the tires, but she sure tried!

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Activities


The chalk house I’m pretty sure was new this year.  She went in and drew a pumpkin on the wall.  She’s not quite coordinated enough for most of the other activities yet, but she will definitely grow into them – and she did give it her all!

She was coordinated enough for the spoon race though.  And Grandad somehow decided to dare Nana to try to race Averie…  Nana is still on crutches, as you can see.  And Averie was ruthless in the race and didn’t even give her a headstart!

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Spoon Race On Crutches


She also talked me into doing a sack race.  She was just as ruthless when racing me!

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Sack Race


The corn maze was actually challenging – Nana did not go into the maze, but Grandad and I were just as ‘lost’ as Averie was in there!

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Corn Maze


There wasn’t feed out for the animals in the petting zoo area this year.  Averie actually remembered that the donkey bit her last year anyway, so she wasn’t bothered by that.  However the baby goats on the other side of the farm were friendly, and she loved feeding them!


Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz Baby Goats


And of course, we couldn’t leave before picking out our pumpkins and taking our customary annual picture on the cart.  She’s definitely grown again.  Looking at these every year reminds me of how quickly time flies!

Pumpkin Patch Pizzazz 5 Years


And as if I needed another reminder — I snapped this picture after the pumpkin patch at Nana’s house.

Nana's Ghostie Guys

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