Princess Curls for Santa

My kid hates mornings.

But she loves having her hair curled.  Enough that she’ll even wake up early in the morning to have it done.

Pretty Princess Curls

Pretty Princess Curls

The amazing thing is that her hair actually holds those curls most of the day.  I’m jealous.  She has that perfect hair that will be wavy and frizz free if you brush it and put in a light spritz of detangler.  Or it will curl and stay that way with just a little bit of spray gel and a curling iron.  OR if you let it dry naturally (and can keep her from rubbing her head on the back of the couch), she has pretty natural curls that peek their way through.   Yep.  Jealous!

These curls were for her Christmas concert.  They even stayed in well enough to go see Santa the next day at my work in the morning.  They weren’t perfect, but still pretty!

Next Day Curls

Next Day Curls

Later that same afternoon we also made the trek over to the mall to visit Santa there.  Yes, you read that correctly – two santas in one day.  Although I *love* that they have someone dress in a santa suit and give gifts to the kids, I still prefer to get a picture of her with a more ‘real’ looking Santa.

Asking for an electric toothbrush and a tablet

Looking a bit grown up here!

We managed to go early enough in the day that there was barely a line.  She waited very patiently to tell Santa that she wanted an electric toothbrush and a tablet of her own for Christmas.  That makes two years in a row of asking Santa for an electric toothbrush.  I’m sensing a trend/tradition brewing here!!

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