New Years Cookies are not ‘Stupid’

Normally I try to make Christmas cookies for our neighbors.  This year I was busy with Christmas orders (more on that later) so instead, I opted to make New Years cookies for the neighbors (unfortunately in a Christmas box – but nobody seemed to notice or at least care)!

I took the cookies outside to set the plate in the daylight with the white snow as a backdrop.  I like the look of it – I don’t know what I’ll do once we lose the snow – I may have to actually cave and build a lightbox…

New Years Eve Sugar Cookies

I had decided to make an attempt at the ‘surprise’ cookies someone had shared with me on my Facebook page.  They were relatively easy to make – the only downside was that I felt the need to ice the sides of the cookies.  The cookies were REALLY tall (like, pushing 2 inches tall).  Averie didn’t care, she was excited to eat her cookie.  She stood on the porch watching as I started my return into the house – super excited to eat her cookie with all the ‘candy’ in the middle…

…and then she stared in shock as Mommy fell flat on her face while I was trying to make it UP the steps.  I’m talented, I know.

In that moment, she was concerned because her cookie/candy was scattered on the snow of the top step of our house.  I, on the other hand, was concerned that I couldn’t feel my toes and my knee was throbbing.

I kept telling her to get inside, get out of the way and that I’d get the cookie in a minute.  Meanwhile, she kept pointing and repeating “My Cookie! My Candy!”.


She retorted: “We don’t say ‘stupid'” and walked back inside.

Once we were inside – I did have to apologize.  Her cookie wasn’t stupid (in fact, I thought they were kind of awesome if I do say so myself)…  and Mommy shouldn’t have said that.  But we had to have a talk about how things like cookies can be replaced and people can’t.  By the time we were done she seemed to realize that we should have been more worried that a person was hurt than about her cookie being scattered in the snow.

She made it right, she gave me kisses and cuddles and went to get me an ice pack.

“I can’t reach the peas so I brought you a cold sammich”

…and yes, I did ‘ice’ my knee with a ‘sammich’.

I didn’t call anything ‘stupid’ for the rest of the day.  I also didn’t go back outside to take the rest of my pictures.  I stayed inside – safe, dry and warm.

I’m sure I’ll have a lovely bruise to share in another day or so.  I can’t even put pressure on my knee without wanting to scream actually screaming.

I have, however, decided that cookies can be stupid, although I’ll never tell Averie that.  It’s the leftover extra cookies that are stupid — only because I eat them ALL.  Oops.

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  1. 2 January, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    hahaha…too funny! Love the “stupid” cookies though 🙂

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