Mommy’s Helper – Gifts for Santa

I constantly whine about wanting a maid – but the reality is, I think we already have a housekeeper.

Averie’s toyroom is usually one of the cleanest rooms in the house.  She manages to keep things picked up (most days).  Her bedroom – that’s a different story — but that’s usually due to laundry — which isn’t something we have her doing yet.

If she sees the TV stand is dusty, she will literally run to the kitchen and go grab her Norwex mitt and dust it off.

She cleaned all the windows in the house the other day.  Again – thanks to Norwex.  🙂

I even have photographic evidence of those two previously mentioned moments!

Sunday I was cleaning the kitchen — my intent was just to wipe down the counters and get out of there, but Averie came in behind me.

“Can I help?”

Of course.  So she grabbed a scrubbing brush off the counter and proceeded to scrub just about anywhere she could find.  Singing while she was doing it.

“We want to do something for Daddy.  We have to clean the kitchen for Daddy, for Daddy, for Daddy.  We have to get the kitchen sparkly together..”

I really wish I had tried to record her earlier in her singing — by the time I got the camera phone out she was pretty much done singing, and pretty much done cleaning too… but it’s still evidence.

The song was inspired from the Christmas Classics Volume 1 on Netflix.  Averie loves older cartoons.  As I type this — she’s watching Godzilla.  She also loves Sky Dancers.    Don’t have netflix?  You can watch the whole movie – and a few other classics – on youtube here…    The video it’s in starts at about 9 minutes into the show about kids who want to do something nice for Santa since he’s always doing nice things for everyone else.

It’s sweet – and Averie now wants to get a present for Santa.  Apparently he would like a guitar.  Not so sure that will work!  Thinking we’ll maybe just draw him a picture or make a little project and she can take it to him when we visit at the mall.

Oh, and now my kitchen was scrubbed from top to bottom, instead of just the counter tops!

1 comment for “Mommy’s Helper – Gifts for Santa

  1. Kylee
    2 December, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Omg I love her song! Lol

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