Miss Loud Mouth the Environmentalist

Averie and I went swimming tonight.  After swimming we were getting in the car and she was busy watching another gentleman put his kids in their SUV.  He got them both buckled in and then on his way back to the drivers seat he stopped and spit his gum out on the ground.

“Hey, you can’t put your gum on the ground! I might step on it and slip and fall down! You need to put it in a garbage can!”

And yes, she said it loud enough that he could hear.

Funny enough, he shot over an ashamed look, picked up his gum off the ground with a piece of paper from his pocket and got into the car.

Ever the environmentalist…

1 comment for “Miss Loud Mouth the Environmentalist

  1. Aunt Mikki
    26 September, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Way to go Averie!!!

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