Lady Bug Cookies (Cute Kiddo Warning!!)

I was ALL over it as soon as Las asked me to make lady bug cookies for her goddaughter’s birthday.  I love bugs – in fact, Averie’s nickname is bug and I’m hoping she’ll let me throw a lady bug part for her soon too!

I was on a hunt for a great cookie cutter when I stumbled across Sweet Sugarbelle’s idea of using a balloon cookie cutter for lady bugs — completely brilliant!

I tried out using squeeze bottles with icing tips instead of icing bags on this batch as well.  I’ll quickly be switching back to icing bags for precision work like that — it was easier to cleanup and prepare, but it was too hard for me to keep a steady hand.

Even with the shaky lines, I thought they still turned out to be pretty cute!

I snapped a few pictures before trying to ship them…  I haven’t shipped cookies before, so I was NERVOUS that they would all end up in pieces!  Here they are, all bagged up and ready to be packed up for mailing!

Thankfully the cookies arrived (mostly) unscathed — but the good news is I’d tossed in at least one extra…  (I can’t remember if I gave Averie the second extra or not!)

The cookies made it to Texas!!

They were bagged and tagged as favors — I’d tied them with red ribbon before sending them off, and a black ribbon and favor tag were added when they arrived – I think they look cute!!

Las and her Mummy did a great job with the party, and it looks like the birthday girl really enjoyed herself!

If you’re looking for lady bug party ideas, make sure you check out the blog post Las wrote summarizing everything!  They seriously had some cute stuff!!!

I can’t get over how cute she is – and the outfit is adorable too!

Happy first birthday Miss Eve!!!  Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all too!!



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