It’s OK to play in the mud once in a while…

I *hate* messes, which is pretty funny if you’ve ever seen the state of my home after a busy cookie week…  So sometimes, it’s hard for me to let go and just let Averie be a kid and make a mess of things.  Being an only child, and my child, Averie’s pretty attentive to being clean too – she washes her hands without being asked, and keeps her toys (mostly) picked up and put away where they belong.

Her dad isn’t quite as meticulous as I am.  I came home today to someone playing in the rain, in the mud, in the backyard.  I almost had a meltdown, until I realized how much fun she was having.  Instead, I just calmly asked her to stop digging holes in the yard, snapped a quick picture, and ran a quick lap around the yard with her.


I’m not going to convert to a ‘mess lover’, but I will admit that it was a little refreshing to run around in the rain, even just for a few minutes.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that kids need to be kids, kids need to make messes and sometimes  you just gotta let it happen.  Even if it goes against ever fiber of your mess-hating self!


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