I’m still not a cake decorator… …but I’m getting better!

First off – let me say that I have absolutely NO desire at this point in life to sell decorated cakes.  I don’t know how those of you that sell cakes do it.  There’s so much pressure!  If you mess up, you don’t have to redo just one cookie – you have to redo entire cakes – sometimes stacks of cakes!

I had a last minute realization that I didn’t have any cake for Averie’s actual birthday.  Panic set in, and then I calmly reminded myself that my family is going to love whatever I make for them, so I decided to just make the cake myself.

Any normal parent would grab their 9×13 pan and a box cake mix, a tub of frosting, maybe a few sprinkles and call it good.  Of course I wouldn’t do that…


I put together this crazy, four layered pink cake.  I think it turned out pretty good – considering that decorating cakes is not my cup of tea.  And I even made my own icing and all.  Because really, who doesn’t love a good buttercream!?

Is it perfect?  Heck no – that baby was leaning to the left like crazy and had defined lines where each tier of the cake was – but who cares if you’re just going to eat it anyway?!  I managed not to get any crumbs in the icing – that was my big accomplishment this time around!


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