Ice Skating for the First Time

Averie has been asking to go ice skating for a while, so we took her skating for the first time today.

Averie and Daddy are Ready to Ice Skate

Averie and Daddy are Ready to Skate!

Okay, so I think this was *actually* her second time ice skating, but she doesn’t remember going before (and neither do I).  Aaron’s pretty insistent that we took her before – when she was around 1, after a hockey game.  I’m sure he’s right, that sounds like something I would have had her do…..

But since I don’t remember it, and she doesn’t remember it, I’m going to call this her first time.

Averie Ice Skating

She did pretty darn good!

She did spend a fair amount of time landing on the ice, but she wasn’t ever once afraid to get back up and do it again, and although she looked a little stunned every time she fell down, she didn’t cry once.  She made three whole laps around the rink.  It doesn’t sound like much, but she wasn’t exactly moving at mach speed either!

Trying to decide now if maybe she’d get more out of taking some skating lessons for a bit instead of enrolling her in dance/re-enrolling in gymnastics after the winter weather is over…  Sure seems like it’d probably help her coordination level more than either of the other two.

Post Ice-Skating at Dinner - Sucking on a Lime!

Post Ice-Skating at Dinner – Sucking on a Lime!


I’m curious as to others opinions — Averie would do all three if she could, but we’ll probably stick with just one given the commute required…  So, what do you think: re-enroll in gymnastics, enroll in dance, or sign her up for skating lessons?

3 comments for “Ice Skating for the First Time

  1. Aunt Chelle
    10 March, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    I think it would be good to switch to skating. I don’t know why I just think she looked so happy. . . you might ask her if she likes one better then another explaining she can not take all the classes but maybe she could help pick which one she would like to do for now.

    • 11 March, 2013 at 11:53 am

      That’s what I’m thinking too… I feel like she’ll get more ‘coordination’ and ‘balance’ training than she will in gymnastics or dance at this age. Mainly because she can ‘half’ do things in gymnastics and dance, but with skating — she’s got to keep herself upright and just doing that is hard work!

  2. Aunt Mikki
    12 March, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    I am sooooo impressed. I couldn’t even do that good now. 🙂 I’m agreeing with Aunt Chelle, to see what she has to say. She is so smart; I think she could decide. Just has to know once she makes the choice, she can’t change back to the other. So cute.

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