I want to be an animal doctor… …and a clown!

If you ask Averie what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll tell you that she wants to be “an animal doctor”.  Then she’ll pause for a second, and add on “and a clown”

"Animal Doctor" Averie

“Animal Doctor” Averie in her jacket from Grandma

The best part is, it completely fits her personality.  She loves animals – completely adores them.  I know it’s fairly normal for kids to like bunnies and puppies etc, but she’s moved beyond just liking them to being completely enamored.  Forget the dolls – she’d rather play with stuffed / toy animals!

She’s also a helper and loves to make people happy.  She will be playing with a group of kids, and if one kid starts to cry for any reason she will walk away from the group to go find the source of the cries and try to talk to them to cheer them up.  Definitely full of compassion!

We were at Buffalo Wild Wings earlier in December and she spotted a stuffed puppy in the crane machine – it was one of those ‘sad’ puppies with the big droopy eyes.  She BURST into tears when I wouldn’t give her money for the game machine, at first I chalked it up to her just being upset she couldn’t play the game, which is pretty standard for 4 year olds to do.  But she kept wailing about the sad puppy and how it needed to get out of the machine so it could go home and be a happy puppy.  Talk about breaking my heart!

There was no way to get it out, it was buried, so I did the next best thing I could think of…  I told her she should pray that the sad puppy finds a nice home, and that she could ask Santa to help her if she wanted.  Of course, she didn’t forget this, and that was the FIRST thing she told santa she wanted.  Santa seemed to be a bit confused that this little girl wanted a “Sad Puppy”, but he made it through.

And with a little help from Amazon, Santa was able to get Averie her very own “Sad Puppy” for Christmas.

Averie and her "Sad Puppy"

Averie and her “Sad Puppy”

You can get your own Sad Puppy here:

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