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A friend of mine’s high school son recently moved over 800 miles away to pursue his hockey career playing for the Atlanta Fire.  Something I would consider to be incredibly crazy if it weren’t for the amount of time I spent involved in the local Cedar Rapids RoughRiders hockey team.  This is a pretty standard move for a lot of kids that are serious about playing hockey.  Needless to say, I doubt any kid of mine will ever play hockey — I don’t think I could take it!

Anyway, when Jackie posted pictures of some hockey themed cookies to my facebook page, Sue saw them and kicked out the idea that I should make them for her first visit to see Jake play for his new team in MN.  Of course I said ‘yes’!

Most of the hockey jersey cookies that I saw online were of the backs of the jerseys, they had the name/numbers of the players… but we didn’t want to put the names/numbers on them (heck we didn’t even know if they were finalized yet!), we wanted the logo!

I’m not that good at freehanding, and I can’t afford a projector yet, so I decided to do a royal icing transfer.  I was pretty convinced I’d mess it up.  And then I hurt myself, because if something is already difficult, I always find a way to add another level of difficulty to the task — hello torn tendons and golfers elbow (I don’t even play golf! Augh!)

In the end, it was a lot easier than I thought, even with the injuries.  I’m looking forward to the next time I get to try it without an injury.   I’ve had a lot of people ask questions, so I figured I’d share the how-to:

How To Do A Royal Icing Transfer

  1. Find the logo and print it out at the right size – I put multiples on one page since it was small.
  2. Tape the printout to a large hardcover book.  This isn’t exactly necessary, but it makes it easy to move your transfers when you’re done.
  3. Place waxed paper over the printout/book and tape it down tightly.
  4. Spray waxed paper with a light coating of non-stick spray.  Wipe away any visible spray with a paper towel when finished.
  5. Use an appropriate sized tip to trace the outline and fill.
  6. Wait at least 30 minutes between each colors to prevent bleeding.
  7. Let it dry for 24 hours!
  8. To remove – if the pieces are thin, slide a piece of paper underneath to remove.  If the pieces are thicker you may be able to remove the wax paper from the book and peel the wax paper off from the back like stickers.
  9. Apply to wet icing.
That’s it.  Although it was more work than just freehanding a shape on top of a cookie, it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be!
Important things to remember:
  1. Make more than you’ll need — you’ll break some, and you’ll mess up some!
  2. Do NOT forget to spray the waxed paper — they won’t come off!
  3. Wait 30 minutes between colors that tend to bleed — red, black, white – of course these cookies used the colors that bleed the most!
  4. Make sure you make them fairly thick — the thinner they are the more fragile they are!
  5. Wait to apply them to anything that won’t harden — placing them on buttercream etc will cause them to soften overtime and/or bleed colors.

And there they are, all packaged up for their trip to Minnesota!

Good luck this season, Jake!!

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