Happy Birthday To Me (33!)

All I wanted for my birthday was a nice dinner at home and a homemade dessert from Glorious Treats book that I snagged at CookieCon!

Of course, Aaron and Averie were able to deliver make that happen!

My two loves grilling my dinner!

My two loves grilling my dinner!

Seriously – the cuteness is overwhelming.  Thanks for the apron, Aunty Las! And my dessert was spectacular.  

Combining fried icecream and cheesecake together is genius in and of itself, but Glory really knows what she’s doing!  Plus, Aaron made her homemade caramel sauce to go along with it too.  Over the top amazing.  What more could a girl ask for!?

I’m not going to go into a sappy tirade today, but I will say this much: 3 is my lucky number, so it would go to stand that 33 should be a doubly lucky year, and how can it not be with Aaron and Averie by my side!?


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