GoBo Bakesale – Halloween Cookies

Bo was nothing short of amazing – at 12 he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. Instead of living out his last year in the hospital, he opted to get out of the hospital to “live life to the fullest and enjoy every day” going to school, the beach, sporting events, etc – even speaking to his classmates. These cookies are all packed up and headed to a fundraiser in Wisconsin for the organization that works to carry on Bo’s message.

Halloween Themed Cookies for Go Bo Bakesale

Halloween Themed Cookies packed up and ready to go to the GoBo bakesale!


I am so, so humbled to be participating in this event along side of some of the world’s greatest cookie decorators – with representation from ALL 50 states as well as 8 other countries! It’s amazing how much this young man continues to pull the world and community together with his powerful message of living life to the fullest. I encourage everyone to check out the Go Bo! Foundation and for those of you who are in (or near) Wisconsin, you should also attend the bake sale. I’m positive it will be nothing short of AMAZING!

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