Dear Santa… Mommy wants a charger!

Averie and I had a girls day in Amana and visited the Tannenbaum Festival…  We were supposed to get there in time to check out all the trees with Averie’s friend Lucy, but we didn’t end up being quite so timely thanks to a road closure…

She did get to color a picture to put on the wall in the barn…

I am a terrible blogger though – I forgot the memory card in my camera, so I wasn’t able to snap photos of all of the trees or the nativity scene — but I will assure you that they were all absolutely beautiful!  I should have used my phone like I did with the other snapshots — and I’ll remind myself to do better there next time!

I did, thankfully, have enough space on the camera itself to get two pictures — which I used to get pictures of Averie with Santa…  and I thought they turned out pretty good for only getting two snaps to work with!

She let Santa know that she wanted a “Green Camera” and a “toothbrush like Daddys”.  Santa misheard her though and thought she wanted to get a toothbrush for Daddy….  so Santa asked if she wanted to get Mommy anything.  Averie thought for a moment and said “My mommy wants a charger”.

She must have been listening to me griping in the car on the way down when I couldn’t get my car charger to work!!

Needless to say, Santa did bring Mommy her car charger this year!

After chatting with Santa, we looked at all the different trees and Averie hopped into the train cars for a moment before we took off…

But we didn’t take off to go home…  we were in the Amanas, and she was hungry…  so we just *HAD* to go get food!

Alllll of this for just the TWO of us!

Averie of course kept it classy and double-fisted most of her meal — fried chicken in one hand and candy cane in the other…  and yes, yes she did rotate back and forth.  Blech!!!

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