Cupcake Cookies for Mrs Cupcake

I absolutely love cupcakes from That One Cupcake Place.  Especially Pineapple Cupcakes:

Seriously – whats not to love here?! *drool*

Anyway, for Mrs. Cupcake’s birthday I had promised to make her cookies.  I don’t know if she remembered my promise (since it had been months since I made it) but I  never forget an occasion to make cookies, and I never forget cupcakes, so there was no way I was going to forget this occasion!

And what kind of cookies do you make for your cupcake lady?

Why, cupcake cookies of course!

In purple and pink no less…  because those are just cupcakey colors…

I might have snuck in some watermelon and dinosaur cookies into the same box too…  just because!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Cupcake!!


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