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We’re so glad that you’re considering purchasing cookies from us for your event, or ‘just because’.  Purchasing cookies from us helps support our family, and we could never say ‘thank you’ enough to current (and future) customers!

To request a quote, please visit our Quote / Order  page!

FLAVORS: Currently we are only selling our decorated sugar cookies in our signature Vanilla/Almond and Lemon/Vanilla flavors.  Can we make more flavors?  Yes – but they haven’t been thoroughly taste tested yet and we don’t like to taste-test new recipes on paying customers.

Vanilla and Lemon Vanilla Cookies

PRICING:  Cookie prices vary depending on the size of the cookie and the design.  Mini Cookies (1-2″) start at $1.  Medium Cookies (2-3″) start at $1.50.  Large Cookies (3″+) start at $2.  Pricing is subject to change, but we will always honor the quoted price you have already received for you event if our prices have changed!

Cedar Rapids Iowa Mini Sugar Cookies $1

Mini cookies (approx 1-2″) with basic designs start at $1 each.

Cedar Rapids Iowa Sugar Cookies Medium $1.25

Medium sugar cookies (approx 2-3″) with a basic design start at $1.25

Cedar Rapids Iowa Sugar Cookies Medium Complex $1.50

Medium cookies (approx 2-3″) with more complex designs start at $1.50

Cedar Rapids Iowa Sugar Cookies Large Favors

Large cookies (3″ or more) are great for party favors and start at $2.

MINIMUM ORDER SIZE: We can’t make the dough in batches smaller than 24 cookies — so our minimum order size is 24 cookies.  However, if we have larger orders already for that time-frame, we may be able to accommodate smaller requests, so ask anyway!

DO ALL MY COOKIES HAVE TO BE THE SAME?: Absolutely not!  To minimize your cost (and to make your cookie platters look amazing) we recommend choosing cookies that use the same or similar colors – but you definitely do not have to have the cookies all the same design or shape!

LARGE ORDERS:  Orders of 4 dozen (48) or more may be eligible for discount depending on size and design.  Orders of 8 dozen (96) or more may require a deposit.

Cedar Rapids Iowa Sugar Cookies Large Orders

TURN TIME: It takes anywhere from 3-5 days to complete a cookie order.  Please provide at least 1 week notice before your event.  Holiday dates can fill up quickly, so get your orders in early!

DELIVERY/SHIPPING: Cookies are currently available for delivery only in Cedar Rapids and most towns in Benton County without an additional charge.  Other areas may have a small delivery fee added.

PAYMENT METHOD: Cash or Check are preferred.  We can also take most major credit cards and Paypal.

PACKAGING:  By default our cookies are either delivered in an airtight zipper bag, or in a box.  If you would like your cookies individually packaged, or if you would like them packaged with personalized labels, we can do that for an extra charge too!  Alternatively, you can always choose to package themselves.  We use these bags, and they’re available at Michaels.

Cedar Rapids Iowa Sugar Cookie Packages

ARE YOUR COOKIES HARD?:  NO!  I hate hard, crunchy sugar cookies – that’s why I started playing with ingredients until I found the perfect balance to make super moist cookies.

Cedar Rapids Iowa Soft Sugar Cookies

WHAT KIND OF ICING DO YOU USE?  IS IT HARD?:  We use royal icing, made from a meringue powder.  It does dry ‘hard’ but it’s not brittle or crunchy.

DO YOU SELL YOUR COLORING COOKIES AS KITS?: Unfortunately, no – but you can order food coloring markers from Amazon or pick them up in Michaels or Wal-Mart and I’ll be happy to make the cookies for kids to color in any shape/size/color for you!  These are the markers I recommend, but these work better for younger kids that press hard.   We recommend ‘large’ cookies so that kids have more space to color.

DO YOU HAVE A COOKIE CUTTER FOR ___?: Probably, and if I don’t – we have the ability to custom make cookie cutter shapes in-house!  An extra charge may apply for completely custom shapes (ie: business logos).

Cedar Rapids Iowa Custom Cut Sugar Cookies

All of these were made using custom cookie cutters.

CAN YOU MAKE COOKIES WITH MY LOGO ON THEM?: Probably.  It depends on how complicated your logo is.  Contact us to be sure!

HOW LONG DO COOKIES LAST?: That’s the great thing about royal icing — it helps keep cookies fresh!  Decorated/Iced cookies kept in airtight packaging will usually stay soft for at least a week before they start to harden.

DO YOU MAKE OTHER COOKIES BESIDES DECORATED SUGAR COOKIES?:  We sure can – but it’s not our ‘specialty’.  Contact us with any other cookie requests!

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: All cookies contain eggs and wheat.  Almonds are used in our signature icing.  Cookies can be made without almond upon request.

FUNDRAISING/DONATIONS: We strongly believe in “paying it forward”.  As a   result, we try to fulfill at least one donation request per month for programs that need items to auction or raffle for fundraisers.  Contact us with your event details.

 ANYTHING ELSE:  If you didn’t see your question answered above, contact us via our quote / order page and we’ll be happy to help!

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