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Happy 5th Birthday, Averie!

Today’s the day where we get to celebrate another year in the life of Averie! She’s grown so much – both physically and intellectually this year – it’s just amazing.  Hard to believe she’s already five!

The night before her birthday I had insomnia.  Possibly it was anxiety over how my little baby could be this old already!  In an effort to wear myself out, I blew up an insane number of balloons and spread them all over her floor.  Her reaction in the morning was priceless.  She didn’t know how to get out of bed at first, and then proceeded to squeal and kick them all over the place!

Birthday Balloon Surprise

Birthday Balloon Surprise

This year is Averie’s Golden Birthday, we also thought it would be the perfect age for a return trip to visit family in California and hit up Disneyland.  She was quite excited once she put together why her suitcase was in a giant bag with a bunch of balloons!

Guess who is going to Disneyland!

Guess who is going to Disneyland!

I’m so proud of the girl she’s growing up to be, and I can only imagine how many more amazing things she’s going to accomplish going forward.

Love you, Bug!!

Upgrade Day – Hello 8 Quart Kitchenaid!

Up until today the trusty little Artisan that Aaron’s mom got him for Christmas has been handling all of our cookies.  She’s worked HARD through many holidays, many batches of dough and many batches of icing.  But she was starting to struggle.

Today, our new mixer arrived.  We toyed with changing brands, we toyed with the idea of the 7 quart, but we were able to get a really awesome price on the 8 quart thanks to some friends!

So here they both are!  We’ll be keeping the old girl in the basement as the backup mixer.  Here’s to hoping we won’t need her anyday soon!  I’m looking forward to quadruple batches of dough and double batches of icing!!  Hooray!

Kitchenaid Commercial 8 Quart Mixer and Artisan

Kitchenaid Commercial 8 Quart Mixer and Artisan

GoBo Bakesale – Halloween Cookies

Bo was nothing short of amazing – at 12 he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. Instead of living out his last year in the hospital, he opted to get out of the hospital to “live life to the fullest and enjoy every day” going to school, the beach, sporting events, etc – even speaking to his classmates. These cookies are all packed up and headed to a fundraiser in Wisconsin for the organization that works to carry on Bo’s message.

Halloween Themed Cookies for Go Bo Bakesale

Halloween Themed Cookies packed up and ready to go to the GoBo bakesale!


I am so, so humbled to be participating in this event along side of some of the world’s greatest cookie decorators – with representation from ALL 50 states as well as 8 other countries! It’s amazing how much this young man continues to pull the world and community together with his powerful message of living life to the fullest. I encourage everyone to check out the Go Bo! Foundation and for those of you who are in (or near) Wisconsin, you should also attend the bake sale. I’m positive it will be nothing short of AMAZING!