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Capris for Jeans

Jeans shopping for Averie is impossible.

She’s outgrown everything we have for her for jeans, so we’ve had to get creative.

This is her, wearing size 8 jeans.

They fit great at the waist….

… but they might be just a smidge too long…

So the other day I was at JC Penney’s and thought that I should go ahead and try to buy a pair of capris for her.  These capris are cute, but cost $26 after all was said and done, and I don’t like to spend that much money on kids clothes!

Of course, they fit her perfectly.  Thankfully this was with the elastic pulled in tightly, so hopefully they’ll fit her for a while!  At least in the waist anyway…  maybe with luck she’ll still be an 8 and have grown to be able to wear these as capris eventually too?

Anyway, I went to the weetail sale the other day and picked up a pair of size 7’s for $3.  I figured for the price, it didn’t matter so much if they fit or not…   And these didn’t have elastic, so I wasn’t holding my breath.

Wrong!!  They fit perfectly.  Guess we’ll be buying capris for pants!  If anyone sees more since 7/8 capris, let me know!

Also, this is what happens when you tell Averie to “stop being a booger head and stand still so I can get your picture”

Yelling Match

For the most part, we’re pretty rational in this house.  Aaron and I aren’t really the sort of people to lose our tempers and get loud, it’s pretty rare that we have even a resemblance of a yelling match.  But we are a far from perfect household and once in a while, things get loud.

Friday I had to have my elbow drained out.  I’ll spare the icky details, but the long story short is that I’m in a sling for a few days.  Aaron was home from work on Friday, so I thought I’d load up on groceries before I picked up Averie and came home and he could help put them away.

Except he wasn’t home when we got home – not a big deal as I had Averie as a helper.  She helped me carry the bags in and put the things that needed to go into the fridge away.  Then I got annoyed at the state of the living room and we picked up the mess.  By the time that was over, I had exhausted myself and was just a little irritable.

So I start a movie on Netflix for Averie and she says something I can’t understand about the potty…  given her red in the face look, I decide to jump up and tell her to go to the potty.

“Stop asking me!”  is her response, which usually means she’s either had, or about to have an accident.

“Let’s go now, quick, hurry!!”


And there started the yelling.  I’m not sure how many times we went back and forth, but I was frustrated to the point that I eventually yelled back.


Of course, I immediately felt terrible.  She went straight into her room into the time out chair while bursting into tears.  I half shut the door behind her and lasted about 2 seconds before I opened it back up and pleaded…

“Will you please just try to go potty now?”

She nodded her head and walked to the bathroom.  She tried.  And she didn’t go.  So really, the yelling was all pretty pointless…  And I felt even more miserable.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, Bug”

“I’m sorry I yelled too Mommy.”

“Lets promise not to yell anymore this weekend okay?”

“Okay Mommy, I promise not to yell”

“I promise not to yell too.  Are you okay?”

“Yes Mommy, wanna play ponies?”

I sure wish grownups were half as forgiving and understanding as three year olds!  And I sure wish I could remember how miserable it feels after you yell at each other BEFORE the yelling commenced in the first place…

Needless to say, we haven’t had another yelling match this weekend and she’s been extraordinarily helpful with picking things up and cleaning.  She even volunteered to dust off the TV stand after she saw the layer of dust on it.

Mommy!! The TV is dusty! I’m gonna get my dust mitt okay?

I’m sure this won’t be the last yelling match we have in our house by far…  I can only hope we can always be so forgiving in the end when all is said and done.  Something tells me the teenage years won’t always end so smoothly….

Preschool, Gymnastics, Dinner and a Meltdown – Oh My!

I should have known better…

But sometimes I like to think my kid is the exception to the rule.  And truthfully, a lot of the time she is.

But not this time.

The first two weeks of school we skipped Averie’s gymnastics class in the evening.  It was selfish, I admit it.  I was tired, feeling run down and just plain didn’t feel like making the haul back into Cedar Rapids again after work.

Her class is on Tuesdays…  This means that on Tuesdays she:

  1. Misses her afternoon nap.
  2. Runs around and expends more energy than usual while at preschool.
  3. Goes back to daycare and gets tossed back in my car within an hours time.
  4. Spends and hour at gymnastics expending the last of whatever energy she might have.
  5. Has to eat dinner late because we don’t get home from gymnastics until 6:30 PM or later.

Any normal person would have already taken a second to think “Gee, that’s probably a bit much for a 3 year old, don’t you think?”

Well… apparently that wasn’t my thought process.

Last week she had a melt-down in the parking lot of gymnastics about the pop machine.  Mind you, my kid doesn’t even really get to DRINK pop.  She’s had one 7-up in her life that I’m aware of out of a pop machine and maybe a total of 3 cups of some sort of fruit soda.  So this was an incredibly uncharacteristic meltdown.  Complete with tears and throwing herself on the pavement outside in front of all the other parents.  Fantastic.

Any normal parent would have realized at that moment that this was probably a bad idea.

Then there’s me.

We went back again this week.  I watched her gymnastics class from upstairs this time, so I was able to better watch her than I can from downstairs.  She looked TIRED.  I felt so bad for her that I went to the counter and switched her class times to a non-preschool day.

After class we made a pitstop at a friends house to pick up a loaf of delicious bread she made (YUMMY!)  Averie played with Carter for a while before we left.

Then she was HUNGRY.  I was going to grab something and take it home, but I looked at the clock and realized how late it was.  So I took her to Carlos O’Kelly’s.  At least there she’d be able to get chips while we waited for our food.

She decided she wanted a straw that made noises when you blew through it.  She even specifically asked the waitress for one.  I’m sure the look on my face was white as a ghost as I was bracing for what I thought would be an inevitable melt-down of epic proportions as the confused waitress explained to Averie that they don’t have those.  She actually took it surprisingly well.

Then everything was bizarrely calm.  It was almost like she’d aged 10 years for the meal…  there wasn’t even one hint of a meltdown the entire time.  we drew on her placemat and found all the letters in her name within the word search…

Dinner came and she did a song and dance about her Quesadilla’s.  (I really wish I had video’d that one for her graduation viewing pleasure!)


When dinner was over she packed all of her leftover food in a box herself.  She even told a group of older women on the way out “I packed up all my food in my box so I can have it for dinner tomorrow!  See?”  And they ‘awwed’ over how cute she was.


The drive home we only had one brief moment of her insisting she needed to kick my seat, which was quickly ended when I told her it would have consequences (and I didn’t even have to specify what those consequences would be).

Had I been mistaken?  Could she actually be perfectly fine and we didn’t need to switch gymnastics night?  Maybe she wasn’t as tired as she looked when I was watching from upstairs – maybe she always looks that way and I don’t see it since the view is restricted downstairs?  She really liked all the friends that were in her class, and I got along okay with the parents in the Tuesday session too…

Then we got home.  I don’t even know what triggered it, but next thing I knew she was standing at the refrigerator door crying because she wanted to have dinner at home. Full-fledged screaming and wailing.  But she didn’t want dinner.  Or lunch.  Or dessert. Or a drink.  Or anything for that matter…

She didn’t want anything.

Needless to say, she’s now in bed and I’m pretty sure I made the right call with switching her gymnastics to a new night!

School Pictures

Averie came home  from school with an envelope for ordering pictures not too long ago.  She had only been to school TWICE.  And she was getting school pictures already?!  I cringed, filled out the order form, and stuffed it in her backpack.

The night before her pictures I realized we didn’t have anything picked out for her to wear.  We went with what was clean… and her pearls that I picked up in Manila.  I decided that would be ‘good enough’.  I’m sure there are parents that put a lot of effort into this decision, but I think subconsciously I was pretending it wasn’t going to really happen…

On picture day I had to go to school with her — 3 year olds only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays and picture day was a Monday so you had to bring your kiddo in for them. Getting the photo snapped was no big deal.  You’d think she has practice or something!

But none of that could prepare me for today.  I picked her up from daycare and her photos were in her backpack.  I could never have really predicted the swarm of emotions that came up when I actually held her school pictures in my hand.

It’s a great picture.  She didn’t mess up her hair, there’s no food on her face and her glasses are actually pretty darn straight!  Plus she’s a photogenic little camera bug.  I have NOTHING bad to say about the picture itself.  But…. where did my little girl go?!  I still have pictures on the wall from when she couldn’t hold her own head up…  and now I have SCHOOL pictures?!

I’ll adjust, and ‘get over it’, but seriously!!  There should be a warning or a disclaimer on the envelopes for parents that are getting their first school pictures back that they could trigger a series of various emotional breakdowns!!

Actually – maybe they should all have a warning label on them.  I have a feeling that every year I’m going to go through the same swarm of emotions…  I wish that whomever said ‘they grow up so fast’ was wrong sometimes!!!!!!

First Day of Preschool

So my baby had her first day of preschool today…  Guess she’s not really a baby anymore, huh?!

She’s in the afternoon preschool class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This morning I only had to haul her off to daycare.  Aaron went to meet her at daycare to see her get on the bus and do the daddy thing with snapping a couple of pictures.

I picked her up after school.  She was in SUCH a good mood.  Until I handed her the family picture that we were supposed to have with the rest of her school supplies.  She absolutely did not want to give it to her teacher.  Eventually she did it – and I was incredibly glad that I had printed two copies so I could give her another one in the car!

I learned quickly why the school sends home a newsletter explaining what the kids learned in class that week — our drive home was filled with “I don’t know” responses to every question.  What did you learn today? “I don’t know”.  What’s your teachers name? “I don’t know”.  Do you like ice cream?  “I don’t know”.  I did eventually get some answers out of her.  They gave her a cookie for a snack.  And they sang happy birthday to someone, but she didn’t sing because she was too shy.  There was also a cleanup song – but she didn’t help clean up because she was being naughty.  (no idea what she was doing – but her teacher didn’t mention anything about being naughty!)

For those wondering, I didn’t cry.  But I did cringe at how grownup she looked when I picked her up!  And she’s already looking forward to going back on Thursday!

Kids WILL Make You Sick!

Why is it that in ALL the worlds of advice people give you when you’re pregnant…  of all the things your mom’s and friend’s give you for advice…  NOBODY mentions how having a kid results in having lots of extra sicknesses in the house?!

Averie goes to a babysitter – it’s just her and one other girl (that is about a year younger than Averie at 2 years old).  It’s not like she goes to a daycare and picks up germs from all over the place… I just don’t get it!   She’s only been sick a few times, for the most part it’s just been the sniffles and a really light case of bronchitis.  She didn’t even catch a cold until she was 5 months old, despite the fact that she was born during a time when EVERYONE around us had colds…

But now…  now that it’s cold season again, Aaron and I have been sick as dogs.  Normally we aren’t sick at all…  So far Averie’s escaped it, I think her immune system is just stronger than ours, likely because she eats her fruits and veggies while her dad and I eat reeces pieces…  not entirely sure, but what I do know is that I’m sick of being sick.

Thankfully I’m about done with it, on Monday I went in and got a shot of steriods, did a nebulizer treatment, had bloodwork done, and walked out with 4 prescriptions – more steroids, antibiotics, codeine cough syrup and an inhaler.  My voice is back and I’m down to just trying to “cough up” what’s left from the chest infection…

But last night Aaron started to feel icky, at first he thought it was his tooth…  but today he called me shortly after noon to find out when I’d be done with work because he was done and just not feeling well at all.  So he’s now thrown up tonight and is decidedly taking tomorrow off of work.

Which isn’t a big deal – he’s entitled to days off, but our sitter normally can’t take Averie until 730 AM and I need to be in the office by 645…  Thankfully we were able to call her tonight and she’ll make an exception – PHEW!  But… now that means I have to get myself up by 5 AM and out the door by 6.  I have a hard enough time getting up and out the door by 630!  Plus I have to drive myself, and I’m still protesting having to drive a van….  GRR!

Okay, vent over – I’ll live… but seriously, I don’t know how much more of this house of sickness I can take!

Mmmmm… Baby Food! (the fantastic place where I go to buy most of my staple grocery items for the house cheap) is having a giveaway for baby food, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to a) share the link, and b) share our experiences!

Averie’s been doing the stage 1 foods for just about a month now, and we’ve mastered things pretty quickly.  She made a good mess, and we had a bit of learning curve…  mainly we learned to

1) Use a plastic bib
2) Give her a spoon of her own to play with so she doesn’t grab the one we’re using and
3) Have wipes handy, but wait until she’s done eating so we can get fantastic photos out of the whole deal!

2 Weeks Old

Tuesday marked little miss Averie’s turning 2 weeks old — that’s half a month already! It seems like we only just brought her home.She weighed in at a good 8lbs, 5oz – she had gotten down to 6lbs 14oz at one point, so that was good progress! (Her original starting weight was 7lbs, 9oz). All her measurements were right in the middle of the curve, so she’s in rockstar shape.She’s still wearing newborn clothes – some of them are starting to get a bit small, some of them are still huge. Funny how that works out! She really likes to lay on my chest after she’s done eating and fall asleep. After laying there for a while she seems to decide that she’d prefer to lay on the other side of her face and she’ll spend a few seconds figuring out how to lift her head up and turn to face the other direction. It’s still an uncoordinated bobbing motion, but she gets there – and I’m sure over the coming weeks it’ll improve even more!

A girl from work stopped out and took some pictures of Averie last Sunday to work on her portfolio. I’ve seen a couple of them and they’re super cute. As soon as she gets the rest of them to me, I’ll be sure to post a few!

She’s decided that she only likes it when her daddy puts her in the crib — whenever I do it, she starts to scream and fuss. Last week she loved being put in her crib when she was wide awake, now this week I have to make sure she’s extremely passed out before she’ll let me put her in there, and then it’s for a shorter period of time since she’s usually managed to nap for a good 20 minutes before I put her into the crib in the first place. Daddy, however, can pick her up at almost any time and put her in the crib and she’s just fine!

Today we played with our sling – after a couple of tries I managed to get her situated into it just right and we walked around the house for a bit to make sure she was okay with it, then we walked to the mailbox at the end of the street and back home. After she survived that I decided she’d probably make it to main street and back, so I wrote out a check for our internet bill and we hiked down there — she snored the whole way there and back!

When Aaron left he put her down for me so she napped for the first while that he was gone. I managed to get a few things done around the house in the earlier hours. Then off and on between her feedings tonight I’ve put her back into the sling and carried her around while I worked on other tasks — Throughout the day I’ve managed to catch up all of our laundry, wash and put away the dishes in the dishwasher, picked up the kitchen and living room, spot cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed the floors. Hurrah! That just leaves the trash and the cat litter for Aaron to do tonight (it’s garbage night). I’m proud of myself, but I’m getting exhausted, so I’m thinking that after this next feeding of hers that I’ll let her crash out on my chest and I’ll take a nap too…

Right, that’s about it for updates for the moment. I’ll leave ya with a couple of pictures!

1 Week Old

Okay, so she was a week old a couple of days ago, but that wasn’t the point.

I was going to try to post more often on here. Silly me – should have thought about how a baby requires loads of time! We’re slowly working out a routine though. Unfortunately I dont know how long the routine will last — Aaron was called back to work at Amana on a 3:30 to midnight shift — which is good and bad. Good ’cause it’s a job and income. Bad ’cause the plan was for us to not use daycare, and we still don’t want to use daycare if we don’t have to. Plus since we both work second shift, we have some slim pickings for daycare options… So for now he’s going to go back to work starting on Monday the 18th, and he’ll keep hunting for a different job with daytime hours that’d allow us to keep her home with one of us all the time – even if it’s part time job for him it’s better than having to dish out daycare money and leave her with someone else all the time. If all else fails, I may end up taking a longer leave from work than planned while he keeps hunting for a job elsewhere.

Otherwise Aaron’s doing an awesome job with Averie — he takes the late night shift so I can get some sleep. Last night I was in bed from 11-7, though I was up for an hour at 1 AM and again at 4:30 AM to feed her. Still – 6 hours of sleep while breastfeeding a newborn is nothing to complain about! Plus Aaron makes sure I have lunch and dinner, and changes diapers and brings her to me for feedings and wakes her up when she’s falling asleep and we need her up and gives her baths and takes care of the umbilical cord (cause I can’t – it’s just icky looking, but it’s about to fall off!). He’s a rockstar, and I love him muchly for all he’s doing especially right now!

Had my first mothers day on Sunday too – I got a cute card from Aaron and I silver locket from Averie that had her picture and birth date on the inside. Aww 🙂

Averie’s doing well – she’s finally fitting into her newborn clothes and looking super cute in them. I think Sarah is coming up this weekend to take pictures of her, which’ll be nice. I’m tempted to try to dress her up today and take pictures just for fun 😛

She’s determined to sleep on her side all the time – we’ll lay her on her back and she’ll kick and grunt until she’s managed to get herself propped up on her side with one arm under her head. Oddly enough it’s the exact same way as I sleep. Needless to say, I’m not too worried about it at this moment.

She doesn’t fuss about much of anything – only if she’s gone more than 3 hours without eating and she thinks she’s starving or if we’re changing her and she’s displeased that the changing pad is cold on her bare skin. Other than that she doesn’t make a whole lot of noise.

I keep debating when we should start looking into giving her bottles of pumped milk. I’ve heard mixed reviews of anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. I know you don’t have to use a bottle at all if you don’t want to…  but when I go back to work around 6 weeks, I don’t want to find out she refuses to take a bottle and try to argue our way through it while I’m gone all evening.

Other than that, not a lot to report! Things have been pretty quiet, we’ve had a handful of visitors here and there, and we’ve done a decent job of keeping the house picked up. (Well, this morning it’s a mess ’cause Aaron was a rockstar and did all of our laundry and then brought it all up to the living room for me to sort through and put away – I’m stalling, can ya tell?!)

Announcing the Arrival of Averie Rose!

I had a scheduled appointment with my OB for May 4th – which was my actual due date. At the appointment, I was at maybe 3 cm. Dr Bemus stripped my membranes (which was a bit painful, both after and during) but it wasn’t so bad that I felt like I was going to die. He let me know that he figured I’d likely go into labor either that night or the next day. Not too long after that I started having slight contractions, nothing that hurt too much. We went home and within a couple of hours they contractions were starting to hurt and were coming regularly – Aaron and I walked to the gas station to get some Ice Cream to help move things along (the walk was to move things along, the icecream was just there to make me happy!) Not long after we got home, they were under 5 minutes apart for 2 hours and we packed up to go to the hospital. I didn’t figure they’d keep me, as I could still talk through them. They hurt, but they didn’t hurt as much as I imagined they needed to. I text messaged mom, who of course headed in as well. In the end, I was sent home around 10:30 PM with an Ambien to help me sleep and instructions to come back when the contractions were stronger to the point that I couldn’t talk through them.

We headed home and I crashed out on the couch after Aaron made me a can of lasagna. (healthy, I know – but I wanted quick).  At this point I was still in pain, and it was increasing, but I didn’t want to look like an idiot and go back in too soon. I took the Ambien and tried to sleep. Aaron got ready for “bed” and slept in the chair – he took a shower and got dressed in normal clothes – even put his shoes on – so that as soon as I said “lets go” he was ready to go. I didn’t get much sleep overnight, I ended up with maybe an hour – the rest of the night was spent feeling miserable. By 7ish in the morning I knew that we would have to pack up and go soon or I was going to have a breakdown. We ended up back at the hospital hooked up to the monitors again. By this time I knew the drill. Unfortunately, when they checked me, I was still at 3 cm – no changes at all. At 10:30 AM the nurse let me know that they were going to admit me anyway – she apparently told the Dr on call that if they didn’t admit me I’d likely have to crawl out to leave judging by how much pain I was seemingly in. Aaron quick got a hold of my mom (who wasn’t impressed that we didn’t call her BEFORE heading to the hospital) and let his family know as well.

They sent me to room 1165 and got all of the IV’s hooked up. At 12:30 PM Dr Driscoll came into the room and talked to me for a bit and then broke my water. Shortly after that the anesthesiologist came to put the epidural in. I felt 100000000 times better! Aaron’s mom and Pauky showed up, but for the most part I was just hanging out crashed on the bed, not feeling any of the contractions. The first nurse (Deb) guessed my delivery time after 10 PM. Everyone else picked later hours close to her pick – Aaron opted to go against the grain and try to make me feel better by choosing 6:45 PM.

Around 4:30 PM my nurse Nicole wanted to check my cervix, so everyone dispersed to go get food for dinner. She checked it, said the number and I just stared at her like she was full of it – I was already at 8 cm. I hadn’t been feeling the contractions, but they’d obviously been working! Everyone was still at dinner and I started to feel more and more pressure over the next 30 minutes or so. Aaron came in and got the news. Nicole (new nurse) guessed my delivery time around 7:20 PM. By 5:00 people still weren’t back, but I was really feeling pressure – Nicole checked me again and I was 9.5 cm. She let me know that at any point in time I wanted to start pushing I could, as apparently some people think it’s more comfortable to push through that last cm rather than deal with the pain of the pressure. I held off until 5:20ish, but by then I felt like I needed to start pushing. Those who were back were sitting outside the door, the nurse popped out and told Aaron we were going to start pushing – thinking that caught him off guard! He came in and at around 5:30 the pushing started. And don’t let anyone tell you it’s not hard work!

Oddly enough, throughout the pushing there were many times where I felt like I could have pushed for a bit longer, but I was straining so hard that it felt like my eye was going to pop out. Aaron kept getting me cool washcloths, I tried to refrain from too much swearing – apparently I didn’t do too bad – although according to my mom at one point I did say something along the lines of “J** C** that f**-ing hurts!” and she followed it up with an Amen from outside the door. Oops! I kept pushing with just Nicole and Aaron in the room until I could really tell things were getting close, it hurt like hell and I was ready to be done. The nurse was paging everyone she could trying to get the Dr in the room. Eventually she had to tell me to stop pushing. HA! I sort of stopped, but really all I stopped was sitting up and making it obvious. After a few minutes there was this mad rush of nurses into the room and Dr Driscoll was there, ready to deliver her. At 7:07 she was born. She barely made a peep, her cries were sporadic, I wasn’t sure what to think, I was just listening hoping that everything was okay, Aaron said “She’s beautiful” so I did at least know she was still a girl. They put her on my stomach, he clipped the umbilical cord, she was wiped down and put on my chest while Dr Driscoll worked to help get the placenta out and stitch me up. I barely noticed.  She turned out to be a healthy, happy and adorable little girl!

The days in the hospital were a bit of a blur – she had a full head of hair and really captivated a lot of people because she was just so alert. Aaron said that as she was coming out, he was at first seeing nothing but hair and a cone head until it got to her nose or so, and then she was looking around. I’m sure that has to be a strange sight! We had tons of visitors – and I know I was out of it for most of the stay, sometimes I was to the point of being grumpy even, but I apologized and I’m pretty sure everyone understood! She really was a pretty baby in my eyes, and she was so well behaved right away! She took to nursing pretty easily – I had a few questions and struggles but in the end she did awesome and we’re getting along fantastically.

Speaking of fanstastic things – Aaron’s done an awesome job with volunteering to help out as much as he can with the middle of the night stuff – despite the fact that he can’t feed her – he can soothe her when she’s just fussy or upset, so he’s been staying up till 4 AM or so to make sure I can get some rest. And it’s time for me to wake him up now, so I’ll wrap this up there and get him up. She’s starting to mill about in her crib a bit, too so I better get a move on!

Averie Rose Gale
Born May 5th, 2009 at 7:07 PM
7 Lbs, 9 Oz – 20.5 Inches