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Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee

This song has been stuck in Averie’s head all week (and consequently my head too). She tends to get stuck in a loop though, like she does at the very beginning… and she also likes to switch to the more disgusting version of the song where you lick the squished up bee, then puke it up. Thankfully she decided to switch to the much nicer version on camera… (though it was close!!!)

Mommy’s Helper

I had help working on party hats tonight! Normally I would not have busted into the button stash to make tie ends for hats… But Averie wanted to help, and although she’s a smart kid, she’s not quite able to tie knots yet!

So we used buttons, she would thread them and pick out a button and the. I would tie it on. Somewhere she has already learned that if you’re having a hard time getting the buttons threaded that you can lick the end of the string and it works better!

We managed to get 20 hats threaded! Did we use a lot of pretty buttons that will never actually be seen by people since they are on the inside of hats?


Was it worth it to have a helper?



Bed Time Routines, Chores & Allowance

It’s amazing what a difference routines make with kids.  And it’s amazing how quickly we forget to keep up with their routines.  Awful silly, considering when you stray from the routine itself the parents are usually the ones to suffer…

This has been evident in our house over the last couple of weeks.  Every night at bed time I hear “But I’m not tired yet!”  and someone melts down into a puddle of tears and tries to cuddle up in our laps and get even just a few more minutes of ‘awake time’.

Then we cave, and she goes to bed for “quiet bedtime”.

I don’t know if “quiet bedtime” was a genius parenting move, or a STUPID parenting move on our part.  Basically, we allow her to either read books or play with a toy or the ipod for a little while instead of just going to bed.  Usually she falls asleep anyway:

"I'm not tired..."

“I’m not tired…”

However, back when we implemented her chore chart, and she was in a routine…  we didn’t have this problem.  She’d happily go to bed – hugs and kisses and all.

Plus she had an allowance.  Not a big allowance — but enough that she was able to go to the store and buy herself a {small} toy once a month.

allowanceshopping3 allowanceshopping2 allowanceshopping

I think I just need to update her chore chart and reinstate her allowance…

This {below} was her chart…  She had helped me make it and picked out what pictures to use.  That was a bonus too — as it meant she could go check her chart and see what she still needed to do ALL by herself!


I think I need to take at minimum take off the potty stuff since she doesn’t really need the motivation there anymore.   Past that — does anyone have any thoughts on what chores would be good for a three-year-old??

Until then….. I need to get her back on a routine… so we can have more peaceful sleeping nights……


New Years Cookies are not ‘Stupid’

Normally I try to make Christmas cookies for our neighbors.  This year I was busy with Christmas orders (more on that later) so instead, I opted to make New Years cookies for the neighbors (unfortunately in a Christmas box – but nobody seemed to notice or at least care)!

I took the cookies outside to set the plate in the daylight with the white snow as a backdrop.  I like the look of it – I don’t know what I’ll do once we lose the snow – I may have to actually cave and build a lightbox…

New Years Eve Sugar Cookies

I had decided to make an attempt at the ‘surprise’ cookies someone had shared with me on my Facebook page.  They were relatively easy to make – the only downside was that I felt the need to ice the sides of the cookies.  The cookies were REALLY tall (like, pushing 2 inches tall).  Averie didn’t care, she was excited to eat her cookie.  She stood on the porch watching as I started my return into the house – super excited to eat her cookie with all the ‘candy’ in the middle…

…and then she stared in shock as Mommy fell flat on her face while I was trying to make it UP the steps.  I’m talented, I know.

In that moment, she was concerned because her cookie/candy was scattered on the snow of the top step of our house.  I, on the other hand, was concerned that I couldn’t feel my toes and my knee was throbbing.

I kept telling her to get inside, get out of the way and that I’d get the cookie in a minute.  Meanwhile, she kept pointing and repeating “My Cookie! My Candy!”.


She retorted: “We don’t say ‘stupid'” and walked back inside.

Once we were inside – I did have to apologize.  Her cookie wasn’t stupid (in fact, I thought they were kind of awesome if I do say so myself)…  and Mommy shouldn’t have said that.  But we had to have a talk about how things like cookies can be replaced and people can’t.  By the time we were done she seemed to realize that we should have been more worried that a person was hurt than about her cookie being scattered in the snow.

She made it right, she gave me kisses and cuddles and went to get me an ice pack.

“I can’t reach the peas so I brought you a cold sammich”

…and yes, I did ‘ice’ my knee with a ‘sammich’.

I didn’t call anything ‘stupid’ for the rest of the day.  I also didn’t go back outside to take the rest of my pictures.  I stayed inside – safe, dry and warm.

I’m sure I’ll have a lovely bruise to share in another day or so.  I can’t even put pressure on my knee without wanting to scream actually screaming.

I have, however, decided that cookies can be stupid, although I’ll never tell Averie that.  It’s the leftover extra cookies that are stupid — only because I eat them ALL.  Oops.

Gingerbread Houses

We’ve done gingerbread houses the last couple of years… this year was no exception.  Especially since I found a perfect house for Aaron on Black Friday and was tipped off on the perfect house for Averie from a friend’s Facebook posts:

I assembled everything during nap time — it was just easier that way, but once naptime was over — the decorating commenced – and took the better part of an hour!

I have a thing for having lots of choices, so the amount of candy that was available to choose from bordered on ridiculous…

And the final products:





Every year I forget how absolutely MISERABLE premade royal icing tastes.  It’s disgusting…  if my cookie royal icing tasted like that – I wouldn’t ever bother making them.  Blech!  Good news is that we don’t eat our houses, they sit on top of the TV looking pretty and then magically disappear one day…  so on the upside I don’t have to endure tasting the icky royal icing again!

Dear Santa… Mommy wants a charger!

Averie and I had a girls day in Amana and visited the Tannenbaum Festival…  We were supposed to get there in time to check out all the trees with Averie’s friend Lucy, but we didn’t end up being quite so timely thanks to a road closure…

She did get to color a picture to put on the wall in the barn…

I am a terrible blogger though – I forgot the memory card in my camera, so I wasn’t able to snap photos of all of the trees or the nativity scene — but I will assure you that they were all absolutely beautiful!  I should have used my phone like I did with the other snapshots — and I’ll remind myself to do better there next time!

I did, thankfully, have enough space on the camera itself to get two pictures — which I used to get pictures of Averie with Santa…  and I thought they turned out pretty good for only getting two snaps to work with!

She let Santa know that she wanted a “Green Camera” and a “toothbrush like Daddys”.  Santa misheard her though and thought she wanted to get a toothbrush for Daddy….  so Santa asked if she wanted to get Mommy anything.  Averie thought for a moment and said “My mommy wants a charger”.

She must have been listening to me griping in the car on the way down when I couldn’t get my car charger to work!!

Needless to say, Santa did bring Mommy her car charger this year!

After chatting with Santa, we looked at all the different trees and Averie hopped into the train cars for a moment before we took off…

But we didn’t take off to go home…  we were in the Amanas, and she was hungry…  so we just *HAD* to go get food!

Alllll of this for just the TWO of us!

Averie of course kept it classy and double-fisted most of her meal — fried chicken in one hand and candy cane in the other…  and yes, yes she did rotate back and forth.  Blech!!!

D is for Daddy

I shared this on Facebook when it happened, but wanted to take a moment to ‘immortalize it’ here…

Somebody wrote on the couch:


When I confronted her she answered:

Well… It wasn’t me, I am an A for Averie. That looks kinda like a D for Daddy…

Smart little turkey!

Dr and Patient Averie

I never used to get sick.  I might have mentioned this before, but ever since having Averie, it’s become inevitable that I will contract whatever illness it is that is floating around…  I think it might have had more to do with exhaustion this year  though.  Too many 3 AM nights of decorating cookies and not getting enough sleep.

I picked up Averie from Daycare, reheated some dinner for her and fell down on the couch and told Averie I just needed to rest.  After she ate her dinner she went into her toy room and returned with her “Stetherscope” and checked my heart and used drumstick to check my “tempature”.  After she concluded I was sick she brought my her favorite blankie, tucked me in and told me to take a nap.

I didn’t really take a nap – but I did just lay there.  She told me she was going to make me some dinner and not to look.  It’s *HARD* to hear a 3 year old getting in and out of the fridge without panicking, but somehow I made it through – she came out of the kitchen, biggest smile ever on her face…

I made you a sammich!

I couldn’t get the bread so you have to just pretend its there okay?


Unfortunately, sickness really did kick in for both her and I a few days later…

On the upside — she did use the bowl correctly this time though!  I think it might have been last year that this happened, but I’m not 100%…  I had given her a bowl and told her to “use it if your tummy starts to hurt”.  I turned around and the next thing I knew she was laying on the floor with her tummy in the bowl.  When I asked what she was doing:

My tummy hurts, so I put it in the bowl like you said Mama! It works!

I have to admit — I kind of wish I had a bowl big enough for my tummy just so I could try it too….