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Preschool Graduation

Someone please stop time for me.  PLEASE!?

My little girl graduated from preschool last week.  It can’t be almost time for kindergarten already, can it?!



She was so proud of herself, and I was so stinkin’ proud of her.  She’s grown so much in the last two years of school, and we’re going to miss her preschool teacher dearly!  After graduation was over they had a reception.  Averie told me she needed to tell Miss Becky something, so we walked over and she thanked her for being the best teacher ever.  She also thanked the Miss Mary (their classroom helper), I believe it was thank you for always bringing me snacks or something along those lines – not entirely positive, as I was out of earshot.

I sure hope she keeps her attitude of gratitude in the years to come.  It’s part of what makes her so special.  Here’s to moving forward and on to *gulp* Kindergarten!

It’s OK to play in the mud once in a while…

I *hate* messes, which is pretty funny if you’ve ever seen the state of my home after a busy cookie week…  So sometimes, it’s hard for me to let go and just let Averie be a kid and make a mess of things.  Being an only child, and my child, Averie’s pretty attentive to being clean too – she washes her hands without being asked, and keeps her toys (mostly) picked up and put away where they belong.

Her dad isn’t quite as meticulous as I am.  I came home today to someone playing in the rain, in the mud, in the backyard.  I almost had a meltdown, until I realized how much fun she was having.  Instead, I just calmly asked her to stop digging holes in the yard, snapped a quick picture, and ran a quick lap around the yard with her.


I’m not going to convert to a ‘mess lover’, but I will admit that it was a little refreshing to run around in the rain, even just for a few minutes.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that kids need to be kids, kids need to make messes and sometimes  you just gotta let it happen.  Even if it goes against ever fiber of your mess-hating self!


Homemade Trail Mix

I love snacking.  If you don’t, I’m a little worried about you…

I also love a mix of sweet and salty things.  Trail mix is awesome, except – I don’t really like most of the nuts that are in them.

So I decided that Averie and I would make our own trail mix.  And she LOVED helping out.  Cashews, Raisins and M&M’s were all that we wanted, and we made enough to last us months!

Doesn't it look delicious!?

Doesn’t it look delicious!?

Homemade Trail Mix
Recipe type: Snack
Prep time: 
Total time: 
I bought the biggest bags of each of these that I could find. You can buy whatever size works best, swap out the nuts etc.
  • Cashews
  • Raisins
  • M&M's
  • Snack sized ziploc bags.
  1. Place all ingredients into a bowl and stir it up.
  2. Use a small cup to measure and place a small amount in each snack sized bag


Snowy, Wintery Ick!

What do you do when it’s snowing outside?

You come home from school, put on your PJ’s and play ‘Go Fish’, of course!

Go Fish!

The best part of playing with a four year old?  She gets excited and yells “YES!” when you tell her to “Go Fish”.  I don’t think she quite has the game figured out yet…


Easy Pink Princess Curtain / Dessert Table Backdrop

We know I love party things.

We also know that I love party things that can be re purposed and used everyday.

I wanted to make a backdrop for the dessert table for Averie’s Princess Party and decided I wanted to go a little ‘shabby chic’ and use lots of different fabric.  I also wanted to make sure it was something that we could use throughout the year.  Thankfully our little princess only has one window in her bedroom, and it’s a big window, so I decided we could make a backdrop that could double as a curtain for her room.

I should note that I decided all of this as I was standing in Hancock Fabrics, without knowing the measurements of Averie’s window, and without having a CLUE as to what I was doing, so poor Aaron was on the other end of the phone trying to help me out…

Good news is, I got it all figured out and came home with a stack of fabric.  How much fabric?  I have no idea.  All I did was get at least 2 yards of each color, making sure that the ream length would cover the height of the window with 5-6 inches to spare for tying.  Like I said, I was making it up as I went!  I walked out the store with just shy of $36 worth of fabric – hooray for sales!

Pretty Fabric!

Pretty Fabric!

I started to carefully cut each strip of fabric – about three inches wide, making sure that it would be at least 5-6 inches longer than the window itself.  PLEASE make sure you check that your fabric is the right way before you start to cut it, or you could potentially end up with some strips that aren’t long enough (don’t look too closely at the gold strips in mine…)

After a while, I decided I would try to rip them.  Afterall, it was shabby chic – it didn’t need to have perfectly cut edges.  It worked amazingly well.  I was able to not only get all of the fabric ripped to size in less than 2 episodes of Law and Order SVU, but I was also able to work out some pent up aggressions!!

I snuck into Averies room and pulled down her curtain rod – she had a cafe rod in her room – which is PERFECT for things like this.  I removed her curtain and started tying the strips of fabric on, in random order, trying to keep the knots at the top so they were relatively the same height.  At this point I didn’t worry about the length.

After I was done I hung the curtain back up in Averie’s room and then went along the bottom with scissors to make everything CLOSE to the same size.  Again – shabby chic, so it’s not supposed to be perfect.

DIY Princess Curtain Backdrop

The end result was awesome.  I need to shift her artwork hanging strip down, but otherwise I love it!  I’m almost a little sad that I have no reason to make another one for my bedroom!!


Quick Princess Lunch!

We’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks.  Averie has been very patient with us as we managed multiple shopping trips, cookie orders, cooking and cleaning.  So we finally got the chance to have a ‘stay home day’ and I thought I would do something special for her for lunch.  I told her to stay in the living room and surprised her with her very own ‘princess’ lunch!

This took less than 45 minutes.  Here’s the rundown:

  • Covered the table in leftover wrapping paper
  • Fetched as many princess related toys as I could without her seeing
  • Covered her chair with her fuzzy blanket, tied it on with a cloth diaper and attached one of her hair flowers to it
  • Used a purple Norwex window cloth for a placemat (I couldn’t find ANY of ours!!)
  • Dipped the rim of her cup in syrup and then into pink nonpareils and filled with milk and topped with a paper straw
  • Made peanut butter and jelly and used a crown cookie cutter.
  • Sliced strawberries and arranged them to look like a necklace with a lemon cookie underneath the bottom one that was cut to look like a heart.
  • Put a drop of pink food coloring into cool whip for strawberry dip and added some pink nonpareils on top.
  • Added a couple of butterfly shaped pretzel crisps.
  • Added a ‘glowing’ candle and a glass of sparkling apple cider at the last minute, so it’s not in all of the pictures!

She was a happy girl, which in turn made me a very happy mom!

Averie and Shanny

We have two cats in our house.  Moxie and Shanny.  I’ve had Shanny for a long time.  She was around before Aaron.  Which means she’s getting OLD.

At one point, Shanny had a playmate named Essence.  Shanny and Essence loved eachother, they cuddled, they were buddies.  When Essence died, Shanny because incredibly clingy, so I decided she must need a friend and brough Moxie home.

Shanny and Moxie hate each other.  It’s LOVELY.

Shanny is a complete lover – she’s never bitten anyone.  She was abused as a kitten and is wary of being held, but she wants EVERYONE to pet her, and once you start you aren’t allowed to stop.

Moxie, by contrast, is the epitome of a spoiled brat.  She isn’t MEAN, but she wants you to pet her in the exact way that she wants to be pet and she has no problem with giving you a ‘love nip’ to prove her point.

Needless to say, Shanny is Averie’s favorite kitty.

Averie and Shanny


It’s amazing how much she adores this cat.  Shanny doesn’t play with her.  She doesn’t cuddle with her.  She just hangs out and gets excited whenever Averie goes near her in hopes that she’s going to get pet.

Averie and her Favorite Kitty

I find this highly entertaining, because every night, Moxie stands guard over Averie’s room.  Averie dresses Moxie up in hats and makes “collars” out of pop beads for her.  Moxie crawls under her “tents”.

But Averie still loves Shanny to pieces.

I jokingly asked her the other day, “Can we get rid of Shanny?” and her response was “What if we get rid of Moxie instead?”

That poor cat… no matter how hard she tries she’ll never live up to Shanny 🙂


Time for some girly pampering!

Averie and I spent Friday night at a hotel with a friend and her kids.  The girls had an absolute blast in Iowa City at the Children’s Museum and swimming in the pool.  Bedtime cracked me up – Averie was the most adult out of all of us!  The other girls were talking, us two mom’s were giggling, and Averie was pulling a pillow over her head and telling us to be quiet because it was bed time.  To be fair though, I couldn’t help but giggle at her – It was pretty hilarious!

Saturday morning we parted ways and I took Averie with me over to Coralridge Mall.  We had lunch, did a little shopping, and then decided we would get pedicures.  When she wasn’t giggling because her feet were ticklish, Averie was carrying on a conversation with the woman next to her about everyday life.  I swear, it felt like a flash forward into my future.  I sure hope she keeps her outgoing attitude and friendliness throughout life!