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December 2012 Cookies

Well, December was busy in cookie-land. That’s for SURE!  But we made it.  We survived November AND December.  And I only came out slightly sleep deprived in the end! I’m hoping if I “cheat” and post a slew of photos of all of the cookies that I did in December that I’ll be current enough that I can get back on track.   So for your viewing pleasure – here’s a quick photo run-down of the cookies that went out our door last month:

Hockey Jersey Cookies for a RoughRider Party

Hockey Jersey Cookies for a RoughRider Party

Rose Cookies

Rose Cookies

Grateful Dead Bear Cookies

Grateful Dead Bear Cookies

Purple Stocking Cookies

Purple Stocking Cookies

Basketball Cookies

Basketball Cookies

Leaning Tower of Pisa / Welcome Home Cookies

Leaning Tower of Pisa / Welcome Home Cookies

Blue Man Group Cookies

Blue Man Group Cookies

Pink 3rd Birthday Cookies

Pink 3rd Birthday Cookies

Pink and Silver Cookies

Pink and Silver Cookies

Stocking Cookie Pack

Stocking Cookie Pack

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Chocolate Heart Cookies

Chocolate Heart Cookies

Christmas Light Cookies

Christmas Light Cookies

Giant Silver Snowflake Cookie

Giant Silver Snowflake Cookie

Blue and White Snowman Cookies

Blue and White Snowman Cookies


How do we find time to make cookies?

I’ve had quite a few people ask “How do you have the time to make all those cookies!?”  I guess I don’t really think about it – I come home from work and I make cookies.  Sometimes I stay up late to make cookies, but most times we work on them right after we’ve had dinner, or on the weekends.  Which really leaves the only challenge of keeping Averie from sneaking the cookies and knocking them off the counter…

The good news is that Averie loves cookies.  She loves helping make cookies and loves doing her own.  In fact, when we had our first cookie-free night in quite some time last week and I asked what she wanted to do her response was: “Well, can we make cookies?”  (I did redirect her to something else…)

Even more good news is that our methods of using squeeze bottles make it super easy for her to get involved.  And the other good news? I’ve learned to put her cookies into deeper baking dishes — she doesn’t like to go ‘light’ on either the icing or the sprinkles!  I think I’ll be vacuuming sprinkles up off the floor for the next 10 years after letting her do them on the table itself.  I don’t understand where those things hide or how they randomly resurface!!

I’m kind of excited to see how she comes along in her cookie decorating skills too!

We weren’t kidding when we named our business A Cookie FAMILY.  We all get involved!  Which is great, because if she didn’t enjoy spending time with us while we worked on cookies, we would have far less time to spend ‘cookie-ing’!

Super Hero Cookies • The Twins’ B-Day

These were some of my favorite cookies yet — though it might have helped that they were for some of my favorite people!

My nephews had a super hero themed birthday party and my sister-in-law asked if I would bring some cookies.  Of course the answer to that was ‘yes’, and of course they had to be super hero cookies!

I love cookies with bright pretty colors.  Even the leftover mess after all was said and done made me feel cheery!

The comic book word cookies were my sister-in-law’s idea.  I added in the specific super hero cookies.

The party was a blast — there were capes and masks for all the kids that didn’t come already decked out.  A photo-op area (as modeled by my youngest nephew above), and cupcakes and food like crazy!!

Oh – and kids like crazy.  LOTS of kids.  And they had lots of things for them to do.  There was a little park there, the kids ran an obstacle course, played musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and did a pinata.

My brother and his wife definitely handle the chaos better than I do!  The kids had a blast though!!


Lemon Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Once in a while it’s nice to deviate from the standard basic vanilla sugar cookie.  I’ve been pretty swamped lately with cookies, and I wanted to give something new a try — so I made a single batch of dough, something I RARELY do, and lemonized it.

I struggled for a while about whether I wanted to put vanilla or lemon royal icing on the lemon cookies…  I went with lemon in the end.  And of course it only makes sense to make them look like lemons!

I didn’t hear a bad peep from any of my friends at my Lia Sophia / Jamberry Nails party I had yesterday, everyone seemed enjoy them…  and the taste testing happened early enough in the party that I don’t think the champagne interfered with anyone’s opinions!

Lady Bug Cookies (Cute Kiddo Warning!!)

I was ALL over it as soon as Las asked me to make lady bug cookies for her goddaughter’s birthday.  I love bugs – in fact, Averie’s nickname is bug and I’m hoping she’ll let me throw a lady bug part for her soon too!

I was on a hunt for a great cookie cutter when I stumbled across Sweet Sugarbelle’s idea of using a balloon cookie cutter for lady bugs — completely brilliant!

I tried out using squeeze bottles with icing tips instead of icing bags on this batch as well.  I’ll quickly be switching back to icing bags for precision work like that — it was easier to cleanup and prepare, but it was too hard for me to keep a steady hand.

Even with the shaky lines, I thought they still turned out to be pretty cute!

I snapped a few pictures before trying to ship them…  I haven’t shipped cookies before, so I was NERVOUS that they would all end up in pieces!  Here they are, all bagged up and ready to be packed up for mailing!

Thankfully the cookies arrived (mostly) unscathed — but the good news is I’d tossed in at least one extra…  (I can’t remember if I gave Averie the second extra or not!)

The cookies made it to Texas!!

They were bagged and tagged as favors — I’d tied them with red ribbon before sending them off, and a black ribbon and favor tag were added when they arrived – I think they look cute!!

Las and her Mummy did a great job with the party, and it looks like the birthday girl really enjoyed herself!

If you’re looking for lady bug party ideas, make sure you check out the blog post Las wrote summarizing everything!  They seriously had some cute stuff!!!

I can’t get over how cute she is – and the outfit is adorable too!

Happy first birthday Miss Eve!!!  Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all too!!



Minnie Mouse “2” Cookies

My living room was a SEA of pink and white Minnie Mouse Cookies not too long ago.  I loved it.  Aaron wasn’t exactly a fan…  He had the day off and had to sit and stare at cookies in the living room all day as the banquet table blocked his view of the TV and he couldn’t eat a single one.

Now before you all start feeling bad for him — I did give him one…  he chose to give it to the neighbor though!  Not my fault!

Anyway, the cookies were for a 2nd birthday party of a friend in Marion.  Funny enough, I met her through my friend from Ireland who is currently living in Texas.   I don’t know why, but I find it amusing that it takes someone from Ireland to introduce me to someone in Marion!

Aaron, Averie and I ended up at Pumpkinfest instead of the party, but it looks like she had a great time — if nothing else, the birthday girl’s outfit was ADORABLE!  Although I’m pretty sure that kid could make anything look adorable!

Anyway — just thought I’d throw in a little behind the scenes peek at how icing a cookie works in this house – excuse the camera phone pictures, I’d lost my camera charger (it’s since been found, no worries)!

Icing Transfers – how to on this post

It’s not always perfect and happy though — sometimes I “break the dam” and some of the icing spills off the side.

Those are Averie’s favorite cookies though, since it means she’ll get to play with one!

I actually really like how the royal icing transfers make sure that the “2” stays clear and white while the sprinkles only stick to the pink icing!  I’m positive I can use that technique in the near future…

Averie, however, is clearly only concerned with how long I’m going to make her wait before she can eat the cookie!

Fear not, she got to eat the cookie….  the next day.  Unfortunately that’s how long it takes for the icing to dry!!!  She’s been around enough batches of cookies though that she knows the drill by this point…

Anyway — Happy birthday Mackenzie!  Hope the party was a blast!!!  And thank you to Sarah too, for being one of the first people to buy cookies from me!!

Birthday Name Cookies and Averie’s Cookies

Sometimes simple is the best!  Especially since simple cookies usually leave me in a mood to play with cookies instead of just making them…

These were for a little girls birthday party.  Pink and purple, using the same icing as  the cupcake cookies!

I was so excited to play with cookies with Averie that I don’t think I got any other pictures of those cookies.  Oops!

Speaking of Averie playing with cookies…  these are her beautiful creations!  The icing did actually start out on all of the cookies…  oops 🙂

I’m kind of a fan of the massively sprinkled cookies…  they were crunchy to eat, but they were delicious…  I think cookies that are done by three year old taste better anyway!

And seriously, how can you not adore this little baker!?!  I wish I’d snapped a video of her having an argument with one little sprinkle that wouldn’t go where she wanted it to as she poked it with a toothpick…  guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree there, huh?

Baby Shower Ducky Cookies

I thought I’d done all my cookie post catching up last night, but I missed a couple, including these little duckies!

Aaron and I left for Florida the day before our next door neighbors baby shower, so I sent over some cookies in my place.

I am still kicking myself though for not getting a picture with the name spelled out correctly — it should be ‘Riley’.  Guess it still spelled something correctly when I took the picture so I didn’t second guess it.  Good thing I wasn’t in charge of setting it up at the shower!!

Coloring Cookies

These were a hit at Averie’s Rainbow Artist Birthday party, and I’ve made them a few times for friends since then.  I mean, what kid doesn’t want to color on their food and then eat it?!

You could make the cookies into a fun shape, do ornament shapes for Christmas, a cake shape for birthdays, pumpkin shapes for halloween…. the possibilities are endless.

I prefer just giving the kids a blank canvas to work from, plain white background and letting them have at it:

Pair the cookies up with either some inexpensive Wilton Food Coloring Markers that you can pickup even at Walmart or my preferred brand – Americolor Gourmet Writers and you have at least a good 10 minutes of entertainment out of a group of preschoolers, which is no easy feat!


Hockey Jersey Cookies • Atlanta Fire • Royal Icing Transfer How To

A friend of mine’s high school son recently moved over 800 miles away to pursue his hockey career playing for the Atlanta Fire.  Something I would consider to be incredibly crazy if it weren’t for the amount of time I spent involved in the local Cedar Rapids RoughRiders hockey team.  This is a pretty standard move for a lot of kids that are serious about playing hockey.  Needless to say, I doubt any kid of mine will ever play hockey — I don’t think I could take it!

Anyway, when Jackie posted pictures of some hockey themed cookies to my facebook page, Sue saw them and kicked out the idea that I should make them for her first visit to see Jake play for his new team in MN.  Of course I said ‘yes’!

Most of the hockey jersey cookies that I saw online were of the backs of the jerseys, they had the name/numbers of the players… but we didn’t want to put the names/numbers on them (heck we didn’t even know if they were finalized yet!), we wanted the logo!

I’m not that good at freehanding, and I can’t afford a projector yet, so I decided to do a royal icing transfer.  I was pretty convinced I’d mess it up.  And then I hurt myself, because if something is already difficult, I always find a way to add another level of difficulty to the task — hello torn tendons and golfers elbow (I don’t even play golf! Augh!)

In the end, it was a lot easier than I thought, even with the injuries.  I’m looking forward to the next time I get to try it without an injury.   I’ve had a lot of people ask questions, so I figured I’d share the how-to:

How To Do A Royal Icing Transfer

  1. Find the logo and print it out at the right size – I put multiples on one page since it was small.
  2. Tape the printout to a large hardcover book.  This isn’t exactly necessary, but it makes it easy to move your transfers when you’re done.
  3. Place waxed paper over the printout/book and tape it down tightly.
  4. Spray waxed paper with a light coating of non-stick spray.  Wipe away any visible spray with a paper towel when finished.
  5. Use an appropriate sized tip to trace the outline and fill.
  6. Wait at least 30 minutes between each colors to prevent bleeding.
  7. Let it dry for 24 hours!
  8. To remove – if the pieces are thin, slide a piece of paper underneath to remove.  If the pieces are thicker you may be able to remove the wax paper from the book and peel the wax paper off from the back like stickers.
  9. Apply to wet icing.
That’s it.  Although it was more work than just freehanding a shape on top of a cookie, it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be!
Important things to remember:
  1. Make more than you’ll need — you’ll break some, and you’ll mess up some!
  2. Do NOT forget to spray the waxed paper — they won’t come off!
  3. Wait 30 minutes between colors that tend to bleed — red, black, white – of course these cookies used the colors that bleed the most!
  4. Make sure you make them fairly thick — the thinner they are the more fragile they are!
  5. Wait to apply them to anything that won’t harden — placing them on buttercream etc will cause them to soften overtime and/or bleed colors.

And there they are, all packaged up for their trip to Minnesota!

Good luck this season, Jake!!