Averie and Shanny

We have two cats in our house.  Moxie and Shanny.  I’ve had Shanny for a long time.  She was around before Aaron.  Which means she’s getting OLD.

At one point, Shanny had a playmate named Essence.  Shanny and Essence loved eachother, they cuddled, they were buddies.  When Essence died, Shanny because incredibly clingy, so I decided she must need a friend and brough Moxie home.

Shanny and Moxie hate each other.  It’s LOVELY.

Shanny is a complete lover – she’s never bitten anyone.  She was abused as a kitten and is wary of being held, but she wants EVERYONE to pet her, and once you start you aren’t allowed to stop.

Moxie, by contrast, is the epitome of a spoiled brat.  She isn’t MEAN, but she wants you to pet her in the exact way that she wants to be pet and she has no problem with giving you a ‘love nip’ to prove her point.

Needless to say, Shanny is Averie’s favorite kitty.

Averie and Shanny


It’s amazing how much she adores this cat.  Shanny doesn’t play with her.  She doesn’t cuddle with her.  She just hangs out and gets excited whenever Averie goes near her in hopes that she’s going to get pet.

Averie and her Favorite Kitty

I find this highly entertaining, because every night, Moxie stands guard over Averie’s room.  Averie dresses Moxie up in hats and makes “collars” out of pop beads for her.  Moxie crawls under her “tents”.

But Averie still loves Shanny to pieces.

I jokingly asked her the other day, “Can we get rid of Shanny?” and her response was “What if we get rid of Moxie instead?”

That poor cat… no matter how hard she tries she’ll never live up to Shanny 🙂


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