Amazing Friends – Christmas Cookies 2013

I have something I need to say before I go any further: I have some of THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS IN THE WORLD!

Yes, that required all caps.  Yes, you might even consider that to be yelling.  But it’s true, and I don’t mind yelling the truth from the rooftops!

I had a TON of cookie orders for Christmas this year.  And on top of that, I decided that I wanted to do a market just before Christmas as well.  Needless to say, I was BUSY!  My friends came to the rescue!  It’s amazing what a little bribery of fried chicken and moscato will get you around here!  😉

Most of the time I flooded while they piped.  A couple of people worked up the bravery to pipe as well.  Others helped roll and cut cookies with Aaron, and still others just sat around and kept me company while I worked.  And they are ALL amazing.  Most of them even drove from 45 minutes or more away to help out.

Did I mention I have amazing friends??

It's amazing what you can get accomplished with a little help!

It’s amazing what you can get accomplished with a little help – this is only a handful of the cookies we worked on!

Anyway, here’s a selection of the cookies that were sold this year at the market and in gift boxes, etc. It was a crazy holiday season. There were over 1000 Christmas cookies decorated and sold!  And somehow, this was all I managed to take for pictures!

Oh.  Also, I celebrated the fact that I made these in advance quite a few times.

Royal Icing Transfers

Royal Icing Transfers


Never underestimate the power of friends, or royal icing transfers! 

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