38 Weeks Pregnant

I’m definitely 38 weeks along now. A friend of mine that had the same exact due date as me had her baby yesterday morning, which definitely made reality sink in that it could truly be any day now! I keep trying to pick up the house – I end up running out of energy, but I try anyway! Haven’t been feeling a ton of contractions – just random ones here and there, but nothing consistent.

Other than that, I finally have all of my stuff packed in the hospital bag (minus the electronic stuff that gets used on a random basis – I think I just need to suck it up and put it in the bag in the car so we’re sure we have it!). The diaper bag is packed and ready to go for the little one. We had the carseat installed at the carseat check thingy the policestation does. Lots of things accomplished, and it’s at the point now where we’re just waiting. In some ways I’m ready to be done – not much left to do to prepare, etc. But in other ways I’m more than happy to hold out for as long as we can – I’m enjoying that I can go back to bed and sleep in if I want to, or sit on the couch and not move all day. Nobody really asks a whole heck of a lot of me at this moment, and it won’t be long before Aaron and I are merely napping through the evenings – sleeping on the couch, tired and exhausted!  Although I’m starting to think I’m finally beyond ready for that stage of exhaustion now too!

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