1 Week Old

Okay, so she was a week old a couple of days ago, but that wasn’t the point.

I was going to try to post more often on here. Silly me – should have thought about how a baby requires loads of time! We’re slowly working out a routine though. Unfortunately I dont know how long the routine will last — Aaron was called back to work at Amana on a 3:30 to midnight shift — which is good and bad. Good ’cause it’s a job and income. Bad ’cause the plan was for us to not use daycare, and we still don’t want to use daycare if we don’t have to. Plus since we both work second shift, we have some slim pickings for daycare options… So for now he’s going to go back to work starting on Monday the 18th, and he’ll keep hunting for a different job with daytime hours that’d allow us to keep her home with one of us all the time – even if it’s part time job for him it’s better than having to dish out daycare money and leave her with someone else all the time. If all else fails, I may end up taking a longer leave from work than planned while he keeps hunting for a job elsewhere.

Otherwise Aaron’s doing an awesome job with Averie — he takes the late night shift so I can get some sleep. Last night I was in bed from 11-7, though I was up for an hour at 1 AM and again at 4:30 AM to feed her. Still – 6 hours of sleep while breastfeeding a newborn is nothing to complain about! Plus Aaron makes sure I have lunch and dinner, and changes diapers and brings her to me for feedings and wakes her up when she’s falling asleep and we need her up and gives her baths and takes care of the umbilical cord (cause I can’t – it’s just icky looking, but it’s about to fall off!). He’s a rockstar, and I love him muchly for all he’s doing especially right now!

Had my first mothers day on Sunday too – I got a cute card from Aaron and I silver locket from Averie that had her picture and birth date on the inside. Aww 🙂

Averie’s doing well – she’s finally fitting into her newborn clothes and looking super cute in them. I think Sarah is coming up this weekend to take pictures of her, which’ll be nice. I’m tempted to try to dress her up today and take pictures just for fun 😛

She’s determined to sleep on her side all the time – we’ll lay her on her back and she’ll kick and grunt until she’s managed to get herself propped up on her side with one arm under her head. Oddly enough it’s the exact same way as I sleep. Needless to say, I’m not too worried about it at this moment.

She doesn’t fuss about much of anything – only if she’s gone more than 3 hours without eating and she thinks she’s starving or if we’re changing her and she’s displeased that the changing pad is cold on her bare skin. Other than that she doesn’t make a whole lot of noise.

I keep debating when we should start looking into giving her bottles of pumped milk. I’ve heard mixed reviews of anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. I know you don’t have to use a bottle at all if you don’t want to…  but when I go back to work around 6 weeks, I don’t want to find out she refuses to take a bottle and try to argue our way through it while I’m gone all evening.

Other than that, not a lot to report! Things have been pretty quiet, we’ve had a handful of visitors here and there, and we’ve done a decent job of keeping the house picked up. (Well, this morning it’s a mess ’cause Aaron was a rockstar and did all of our laundry and then brought it all up to the living room for me to sort through and put away – I’m stalling, can ya tell?!)

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